Whole Body Breathing

Welcome to Whole Body Breathing, where transformation begins with a breath. We are your gateway to unlocking the untapped potential within your body and mind. Our practice goes beyond traditional breathing exercises, offering a holistic approach that encompasses structural improvements, emotional release, and heightened awareness.

At Whole Body Breathing, our mission is to empower individuals to achieve optimal health, vitality, and self-awareness through the power of conscious breathing. The humans in modern post industrialized/post agriculture societies are displaying collapsed physical and mental patterns, at an accelerating rate. This is the greatest health crisis of our times, and we intend to bring awareness of it. We believe that every breath holds the potential for healing and transformation. Our practice combines ancient wisdom with modern research and understanding to guide you on your journey to a healthier, more vibrant life.

Our Mission

The Benefits

Discover a world of benefits with Whole Body Breathing:

  • Structural Alignment: Adjust the cranial bones and spine, changing your form and function. Effects will radiate to the joints, limbs and organs. Experience Fascial Tensegrity.
  • Respiratory Health: Breathe freely and deeply, revitalizing your entire body. Improved nasal and throat airway. Deeper breathing with all 7 diaphragms. 
  • Trauma and Anxiety Release: Let go of stored emotions and traumas that interfere with your function. Find your underlying inner peace and happiness. 
  • Spiritual Clarity: Release samskaric patterns and turn intellectual understanding into lived experience. Walk the path of the ancient masters.
  • Holistic Wellness: All systems of the body are profoundly influenced with every inhale. Whole Body Breathing will integrate with your existing practices. 

Whole Body Breathing is developed on the foundations of

  • Modern research in fascial tensegrity and bodily systems
  • New understandings of the mind-body integration
  • The collective experience and research from thousands of practitioners and methodologies that have come before us
  • Integration with ancient healing systems and philosophies from around the world

The Research

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