Your Body has Good and Bad Tension in it

 Good tension gives good posture, good movement, good emotions, and good breathing

Bad tension gives bad posture, bad movement, bad emotions, and bad breathing
When the body has built good tension and released bad tension, it has Healthy Tensegrity 
Unhealthy Tensegrity ❌
Unhealthy/Unattractive Body+Face
Crooked Teeth, Poor Bite, TMD
Narrow Airways and OSA
Poor Posture
Spine and Joint Pain
Poor Athletics and Frequent Injury
Anxieties, Depressions, Addictions
Repeating Life Patterns / Stagnation
Compensated Breathing
✅ Healthy Tensegrity
Healthy / Attractive Body and Face
Aligned Teeth, Bite, and Jaws
Open Nose and Throat Airway
Upright posture
Aligned Spine and Joints
Strong athletics and resilience
Clearer Perception and Mood
New Life Patterns and Flow
Whole Body Breathing

Whole Body Breathing is an advanced method of breath awareness which unlocks your proprioception of the pressurized fascial tensegrity system which makes up your body. This is a psychosomatic experience, as the body and mind are not separate, and the tension patterns in the body are reflections of Egoic tension and trauma known as Saṃkoca (संकोच).

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