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Fell four stories in 2019, lost teeth and bone, uncovered underlying issues

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Hi there friends, in 2019 I fell on my face from four stories, I lost a lot of teeth, they were cracked and many had to be removed, my top front five teeth, and four on the bottom left. Since then I have been wearing a plastic denture and dental implant surgeries were delayed indefinitely from the pandemic arising. I also experienced some other hardship, homelessness and poverty namely that delayed any work. I now have an apartment and am ready for bone grafting at least but I have been researching and came across mewing and realize I have a recessed maxilla and face lengthening, hooked nose, eyes unsupported,  along with class 3 malocclusion it seems, I am 23, still have to wear a plastic denture glued to the roof of my mouth throughout the day at my job. I still do my best to mew while it’s in but my teeth don’t exactly have a great spot to rest, and the surgeons I’ve spoken to suggest jaw surgery, I realize I can hopefully make some helpful changes to the structure of my face with dedicated mewing and correct chewing/ swallowing, but I am seeking advice as to what I can do to best help myself with my facial development and wondering if bone grafting and dental implants are something I should go forward with right now. Thank you to anyone reading this, I would graciously receive any and all the help I can get. I am positive and hopeful as I am still very young but as you can imagine this has done a number on my psyche and confidence. Especially that I don’t know who to turn to for help. I had braces for two years from about the 8th grade to my sophomore and an asymmetric midline afterwards. I don’t mean to frighten or upset anyone with the pictures. 

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Posted : 09/10/2022 4:50 am
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If you're ever going to do jaw surgery, seems like the time would be before the bone graft and implants, but you still look decent even if your maxilla is a little recessed. The discrepancy is more noticeable because you have a prominent mandible. I wouldn't let them reduce or set back the mandible, but advancing the maxilla might have aesthetic and airway benefits. If you're going to have invasive procedures and recovery anyway, maybe go for what you really want, but could they improve support behind the upper lip and make space to set the implants with normal overjet from the bone grafting to the anterior maxilla alone, without the need for lefort cuts segmenting the maxilla?

Posted : 11/10/2022 11:33 am
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