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Free webinar – Craniofacial Breathing & Natural Mewing, tutorial and guided meditations + 30 Free Video tutorials.

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Free Webinar
Holographic Breathing, Craniofacial breathing, Mewing, and Channeling
Thursday 28th July 7 pm – 9pm BST UK time
2pm - 4pm EST New York time.

Here is a link to register -

If you register you will also receive the recordings.

In this free webinar I will be teaching how to do holographic breathing. 
Also there will be guided meditations to work with this, craniofacial breathing, and mewing.

Craniofacial breathing is a breathing motion of the face and cranium that comes about in Holographic Breathing.
Holographic Breathing creates a breathing motion that travels through the whole body and is very similar to the motion palpated in craniosacral therapy.
Since 2018 mewing has become a very popular technique practiced by millions.
This technique is for balancing the structures of the face.
In mewing, the whole tongue is pushed up onto the roof of the mouth. Then this is encouraged to become its resting position.
In Holographic Breathing, the tongue becomes very relaxed and over a period of time just naturally suckled itself to the whole roof of the mouth.
There is more depth to it than this in Holographic Breathing.
As the tongue is not static in this position. The tongue breaths and is part of the whole holographic breathing motion.
In Thursday's free webinar we will be working with the tongue. How it naturally creates part of craniofacial breathing.
We will also be working with the stress in the tongue so it relaxes and naturally covers the roof of the mouth.
Once it has lost its stress that becomes its resting position.
Towards the end of this webinar we will be working with how all of this begins to open the third eye.
We will be working with this and channeling the divine energies.

Here is a link to register -


30 Free video tutorials

There are videos of the last two webinars where we worked with craniofacial breathing on the link below.
We will be taking this into more depth in Thursday's webinar.

There are also over 30 Free Video Tutorials to work with craniofacial breathing, mewing, breathwork, tantra, the kundalini, channeling, working with the higher self, and many other topics on this link.


Best wishes

Posted : 26/07/2022 6:00 am
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