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Myobrace and palatal expander questions. Please light me up!

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I searched multiple times about types of expanders to buy and possibility of expansion and moving the maxilla up just through myobrace and facepulling methods. I think I was able to see some results with facepulling with the crane method and belt combined and my eye area seems better. I'm using a fake chinese myobrace that helped me with symmetry but I think it's keeping me from further expansion progress(it's 37mm imw, which is my current imw). For these reasons I want to buy an actual expander, but I'm too confused as what of them to buy. Is the Y/3back screws plate any worse than the 5 screws one? should I just get the simple side expansion one? Will any of them also help with moving the maxilla foward? I've seen people having problems with teeth gaps and was wondering if I should also buy the original a2 myobrace so that I keep my teeth together aswell as symmetry while expanding(but the size of it, which for the large I think is 40mm, discourages me). Should the expansion rate always be 1mm/week or does it varies for everyone?

I'm mostly wandering about these models : (this one particularly seems interesting to me cause of the screws next to the molars that makes me think it could help expanding fowards aswell)

which of these would be the best cost/benefit? Is buying it really worth it?

As for the myobrace, I saw a topic where an user named apollo talked about it and confirmed the size of the large original a2 was the best for my imw of 37mm as the large is slightly above that and wouldn't tip my teeth inwards. So I think of buying the myobrace regardless. Except if someone says it could be counterpruductive with the expander hahah. 

Can someone explain those things to me?

I'd be really grateful for any response, Thanks in advance!

Posted : 13/11/2019 4:25 pm
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