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Thoughts and doubts on mewing

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Hi, i've been mewing for neraly a year, however it's just been 2 months since i've started getting visible results therefore I want to share what I have learned and some of my thoughts on mewing. 

Firstly, I think hard mewing and sustained chin tucking for long periods of time are crucial.

I only started seeing results since I started mewing as hard as I could whilst feeling pressure on my cheeks and kind of in the area under the maxilla whilst adopting extreme chin tuck position. 

Also, in regards to palate expansion, in my case I've had none. Well, I do get palate expansion to some degree throught the day but just relapses during night or when I spend some time not mewing. I can feel this because in the morning is harder for me to fit the tongue. 

However, even though my palate has not expanded my face is a bit wider and shorter, is this possible?

Also i've been experiencing kind of heat around my face and head aches lately when hard mewing, don't know if it happened to some of you.

However, I am worried that the changes in my face can relapse just as the palate does, do you think this can happen or are the changes in the face harder to relapse? 

I'm making this question because the "routine" i'm into atm (hard mewing + extreme posture) is kind of exhausting, I feel like my cortisol levels are over the roof plus I get head aches. But I just don't want to relax and throw away all the progress I've achieved so far.


Pd: Forgot to say, as for mewing technique, I roll out my lips in a duck face position since it feels more natural for me to engage the tongue this way and use the push swallow technique as a way to engage the back tongue and put good pressure. 

Posted : 21/11/2019 2:03 pm
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Posted by: @authority

: Forgot to say, as for mewing technique, I roll out my lips in a duck face position since it feels more natural for me to engage the tongue this way and use the push swallow technique as a way to engage the back tongue and put good pressure. 

Mike wants you to perform a good lip seal in order to mew correctly, slightly sucking them against your teeth. Basically the opposite of what you are doing

Posted : 21/11/2019 4:21 pm
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How old are you?

Posted : 21/11/2019 5:12 pm
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Posted : 21/11/2019 6:24 pm
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I pout like a duck face before I lip seal just to work the muscles and feel the pre stretch before the contraction. It also helps align my lips on my face. I used to have very asymmetric lips but duck face before lip seal as I align my mandible helps put my tongue in a better place.

Once the lip seal is held I feel my lower incisors being pushed back by my lower lip. This lip seal has helped my jaw widen but also kept my angled downward and an orthognathic tooth alignment. If I developed a bit of a prognathic profile I wouldn't complain but so far I find tooth angulation can still have a slight retrocline and lips will still be supported well with marked vermilion borders and a decent shape. But the drawback is the retroclined teeth can emphasize a longer philtrum. As a guy I suppose I don't have a freakish long philtrum since my lips are fuller but it is still on the long side with my lower lip being slightly bigger than my upper lip.

Back when I had a more prognathic profile (Class 3 where mandible is ahead of maxilla), my lips didn't have as great of a seal. But maxillary "prognathism" isn't even really a worry considering it doesn't affect the occlusal relationship negatively. I think as long as bimax doesn't present itself that your lip seal is perfect. Getting slight incisor and canine putward protrusion is fine with palatal expansion. I have seen strong lip seals with slight tooth angulation in either jaw, but especially the upper. In other words you know the effectiveness of your lip seal by how good your teeth protrude or don't. 

Posted : 22/11/2019 1:09 pm
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I personally found a slight protrusion in my upper teeth however I don't know if it was actually caused by mewing or was like that before since it's quite hard to determine in such small changes. 

Also, the changes I have experienced I feel mostly come from the alveolar ridge area and mandible since I can't see any difference in maxilla, zygos or under eye area. 


Posted : 22/11/2019 6:35 pm
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My changes so far have reflected widening more than anything . Cheekbones are out more. Chin advanced slightly. No change as noticeable in facial height. Upper eyes more well supported.

My occiput also seems to have untucked itself from spinal correction. Neurocranium seems rotated clockwise. Is my jaw more forward? Maybe a bit. Most movement I have experienced is laterally. 

I suppose the widening is a form of shortening via changing the ratio of the face. But vertical height and upswing/occlusal plane changes seem to not be realistic expectations. The middle third widens and the lower third lengthens.

Posted : 25/11/2019 4:34 pm
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