At this point it is fitting to share my experience with the palate expansion, describing what has been accomplished and the benefits that came with it. I began this process two years ago as a 22 year old male, focusing attention every day towards expanding the palate and driving the maxilla up and forwards with the tongue. Noticing an immense increase in nasal breathing capacity, energy, and prominence of my cheekbones, I was convinced that adult skeletal change is normal. I am approximately 4 months into wearing a palate expander sporadically, keeping it in almost every other night: My main methods of expansion are proper tongue posture coupled with chewing tough gum. The purpose of the expander device has been mainly as a retainer to cement changes at night, and to keep an accurate measurement of expansion.

Less than a year ago, I had dental impressions made and purchased the palate expander, which arrived a month after the creation of the impressions. The Y expander was shipped to my door fitting tightly between the teeth and palate of the clay impression that I had sent the lab, so snugly that it took an uncomfortable amount of force for me to pull it out of the impression. I went to the bathroom, popped it in my mouth… and it was so loose that it immediately fell right back out! It was made to an exact replica of my upper jaw, which in less than a month had grown enough with natural methods to require 4 turns of the expander (1mm) to achieve a proper fit again. This is what convinced me to use the natural functions of the tongue and jaw to achieve expansion, only keeping the expander to measure and accelerate changes.

As shown in the pictures here, I have measured 4mm of transverse palate expansion as an adult. Coupled with the expansion from over a year before the purchase of the expander, I would conservatively estimate that I have achieved 6 to 7mm of palate expansion in the past 2 years. This brings me to an intermolar distance (roughly measured!) of about 40mm: looking at the occlusion of my bite, I estimate that I require up to another centimeter of expansion. The measurement for proper upper arch width for me is that my entire tongue should be able to fit flatly between my upper molar teeth when at rest, and this needs about 5mm more per side. Consulting with a dentist twice during this process, I’m assured that my teeth have not tipped and that virtually all of the growth has occurred at the mid-palate suture.

Before and after pictures of facial changes? Coming in due course! The maxilla requires about 1cm of forward / sagittal movement to correct an underbite, and I need another centimeter of transverse expansion before I will request my old dental records/X-rays and pay to have another set of X-Rays and impressions done to compare with. In my before pictures I am clean shaven, and I am currently 2 months into an incredible beard that I will only be shaving again for my after pictures.

The Benefits of Palate Expansion and Maxillary movement so far

  1. My nasal breathing capacity has absolutely skyrocketed. I have not had a stuffed nostril in many months, I am able to get a good amount of airflow through both nostrils at all times.
  2. The increased ability to breathe fully and easily 24/7 has resulted in a huge increase in energy levels and athletic performance. I sleep much more deeply and wake up feeling refreshed, and I have been able to go from months with no cardio to a 5km+ run with no workup training. Having a background with lots of timed running practices, I recognise an increase in endurance with a decrease in training. The increased efficiency of  taking in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide is responsible. 
  3. I have cheekbones now, marked in many lighting situations by a prominent line running from the tip of my cheekbone to the masseter muscle of my jawline
  4. My under eye dark circles have disappeared. Completely. Poof. I used to often get comments on this feature by those close to me, always thinking I lacked sleep or nutrition. They are completely gone.
  5. I had a jawline was visible in most light, almost on the verge of prominent. It was not quite sharp yet, but I am confident that it will be. This has appeared despite an increase in body fat. Of course I have had a beard for two months so I have been unable to see further progress until it’s cut back off.
  6. My nose has begun to straighten out, the nasal bump becoming much less prominent – but indicating that I still need more forward maxillary movement.
  7. My spine has begun to straighten out as a result of the weight of the bone in my skull moving closer to its proper distribution and shape. Muscles have loosened as a result, giving my increased flexibility and even an increase in distance between my toes. The improper positioning of the head, caused by lacking tongue posture and forward weight, caused havoc down the spinal column which is slowly being fixed.
  8. More symmetrical face. The right side of my palate/maxilla was underdeveloped, and being able to push that part out more in comparison to the left has resulted in a sharp increase in the symmetry of my face.
  9. An increased sense of peace and calm, stability in moods and temperament. The expansion of the maxilla induces expansion in the entire skull: The brain and hormonal glands are negatively affected by the pressure of an underdeveloped skull, and relieving this pressure causes immense changes.

I see and feel other benefits, but I will hold off mentioning them until I can back my words up with solid proof! I urge you to begin this practice today to feel these benefits for yourself to bring your body and mind back into good health. If you would like to share your changes, or ask for advice, jump over to the community forum! For learning how to properly seat the tongue, see here. And to see what proper development of the skull is supposed to be, you’ll find the theory here.

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