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5 year smile progress (male 14-19)

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Here are some of the changes I have noticed.


I had a div II class II bite with very retroclined central incisors. They have since tilted forwards and are barely retroclined anymore. My maxilla has expanded significantly. I no longer have a class II bite; I am now class I.

My molars used to be short and sat above the line of my incisors. They are now in line with the incisors and in combination with a much broader upper arch, have greatly reduced the appearence of dark tunnels.

My lateral incisors have rotated towards their proper orientation. I would say they are only 15-20 degrees rotated as supposed to 20-30 in the before. This is likely due to the central incisors coming forwards.


Fuller lips

Chin is no longer weak.

I now have visible and strong cheekbones.

Under eye bags are no longer visible and eyes are much narrower.

Overall I would say I am now a very good looking individual. I don't mean to boast but I wasn't a very handsome teen so it's a significant change.


My progress was slow in the beginning. I would say it took a year for any changes to be noticable. They seemed to speed up and I saw the most changes in years 3 and 4.

Posted : 12/12/2022 7:29 pm
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What stuff did you to achieve this transformation? And i have short molars too, is it a negative thing?


Posted : 15/12/2022 6:41 am
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@mes This is just 5 years of mewing. I personally only started to see an upswing and a reduction in my malocclusion when I began holding my lower jaw in a more class I position. Once I did that my molars came down to align with the new position.

Short molars I think tends to be seen on people with short ramuses. Essensially the back of both jaws is too high up, causes the face to look downgrown. That being said there are other causes of short molars but I think in my case it was due to the rather obtuse angle of my jaw.

Posted : 16/12/2022 12:57 am
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