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Any advice for a palate that has been overall raised, arched and has led to deviation of the septum and nasal obstruction all via improper tongue posture techniques?

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Hello everyone! (Big post)

I started mewing roughly two years ago. I quit after a month due to the left side of my tongue starting to involuntarily thrust and press against my palate.

After quitting, the left side of my palate continued to raise due to my tongue's involuntary thrusting and pressure. I managed to stop this but didn't realize I was still doing it in my sleep.

Fast forward a year, my palate is slightly lopsided (arching on the left side) and it's slightly harder to breathe through my left nostril. I tried mewing again on the right side of my mouth to even things out, but that was a silly mistake which only aggravated the left side further. And it would then cause issues for my right nostril if I continued to try. I did raise the right side of my right side but I stopped immediately once I noticed a decrease in breathing ability in my right nostril.

Fast forward another year to where I am now, my left side of my palate is even higher as I didn't realize I was still tongue thrusting against my left side of the palate while I was asleep. This has led to deviation if my nose, which exacerbated my nasal breathing issues. I now am wearing something to block my tongue from doing this while asleep now.

I don't know what to do to lower my overall palate (especially back third of the mouth on the left side) and maxilla in a fashion that decreases pressure on my nasal cavity. 

I'm open to exercises and procedures to help me. I know DOME/MARPE can lower arch's in a fashion that alleviates nasal obstruction. Is there anything else that does this because I believe DOME wouldn't be enough to finish the job with my arch issue. I'm searching for options basically, to either replace DOME or more likely add to DOME for my arch issue. 

Regardless if the arch issue gets fixed, my overall palate is still very raised which increases pressure / obstructs the nasal cavity. Is there anything to help with this? Maybe CCW rotation of the maxilla via lefort 1 surgery could lower the back third of my maxilla, but I naturally had a very upwards front of my maxilla before my issues began so I wonder if CCW rotation could trade nasal obstruction that comes from an excessive vertical height of the BACK third of the palate FOR nasal obstruction that comes from the FRONT third of the palate (I assume this theory could only exist if: my back third raised and my front third raised as well or stayed in it's original position. Otherwise, if my back third moved up while front third was lowered the same amount, this would be considered to simply be CW rotation which surgical CCW rotation would address my issue. But I feel as if I experienced a little bit of CW rotation with my involuntary tongue thrusting, but my whole maxilla was raised for the most part).


Is there a way to lower the overall maxilla that isn't just "downgrafting" (which is essentially growing the maxilla bone downwards, I need my maxilla to fall lower so it isn't pressuring my nasal cavity, growing it wouldn't address this). Can a three piece lefort 1 procedure lower the maxilla?

I am going to being speaking to professionals in the next few months, but I understand I'm going to have to increase my knowledge on this subject if I want things done correctly (hence my reasoning for this post). This is in the sense of that one professional may not be too versed with a given subject WHILE another professional may be an expert in that subject. I'd need to be somewhat knowledgable on the subject to be able to interpret this in the first place. For example, I spoke to one orthodontist about DOME/MARPE and MSE and he said those procedures don't work and are essentially made up. I knew this wasn't true based on what I learned, so this motivated me to seek multiple opinions from other othodontists and they knew DOME/MARPE and MSE are proven to be effective and they provided me with that proof. They were more knowledgeable on the subject than the original orthodontist, and I never would have known that if I was completely naive to the subject and trusted the original orthodontist.

If you made it this far, I wish I could reward you because I realize this is quite a bit to read lol. Thank you for reading, I will surely appreciate any kind pointers in this subject, it can only help. It's hard to find others truly knowledgeable surrounding this subject, so I apologise if I came off as frustrated at any given point in this text I have made lol.

Thank you for your time.

Posted : 02/11/2022 10:08 am
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Just seen a post that I relate to that basically explains what I was doing to myself (upwards force on palate/maxilla), it's by a user named Couda. The results that were explained from doing these faulty things I was doing are EXACTY what I'm experiencing (high palate/maxilla, arched palate, nasal obstruction, then deviation of the nose which leads to further obstruction).

The post is here, all can be seen on the first comment/post (

Posted : 02/11/2022 10:21 am
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I also have a canted palate and deviated septum. MSE didn't straighten my septum, but it opened the overall size of my nasal aperture so there is now less resistance through that nostril. I think DOME might have less of an impact on the nasal airway with the cuts to the zygomatic buttress limiting expansion to the floor but not the walls of the nose.



Posted : 02/11/2022 11:31 am
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