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Do TMJ problems kill mewing results?

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Hi. I'm 24 yo, had an overbite, bruxism and developed temporomandibular joint dysfunction 7 years ago, but tried to live with it. In 2019 I got into the mewing thing for aesthetics. I'm pretty sure this rid me of bruxism, because now my teeth rarely break and I wake up with my tongue against my palate. But from what I know today, I was mewing wrong until last year and didn't notice facial nor TMJ improvements (I always did it by pressing only the hard palate, with my upper and lower teeth far apart, not only because mewing with my mouth closed was too hard, but also to conceal my overbite, thus minimizing my ugliness), only my palate and airways might have expanded a little after I started closing my mouth and engaging my alveolar ridge and mid palate, but I stopped it until recently because I thought my teeth were getting crooked due to the pressure.

Around the same time last year I also got braces to correct my overbite and alleviate my TMJ and now my overbite is as good as cured. But because mewing hasn't noticeably been working in improving my face, I tried jawliners, which are proved to give much faster visual results, but are discouraged for people with TMJ dysfunctions. 1 and a half year into the treatment, I do think my face has gotten more evident contours now, but I don't know if that's because of the dental treatment, or because I'm mewing better. It could be both, but I've only been engaging the soft palate a few weeks ago. I'm very inclined to believe it's just the braces, since mewing improvements are very, very slow in adults. What I'm sure of is that the improvement has nothing to do with the jawliners.

I knew my TMJ would only get worse if I used jawliners, so I performed massages after each session and it brought me permanent, significant relief, while the orthodontal treatment didn't help in that regard at all.  But aesthetically, during the time I was using the jawliners, I don't think they did anything, so I stopped. I've never seen any case where someone didn't see any results using them. It's important to note that they were easy to chew on, I bought the beginner models, which were felt hard at first, but I quickly got used and they began feeling soft, but I also did a crazy amount of reps, so there should've been at least some hyperthrophy, but all I got was an increased volume after each workout, which would disappear in minutes. So is this the TMJ dysfunction ruining my results? Even though I was mewing wrong most of the time, am an adult and my jawliners were beginner level, for the effort and time I put in these, I believe these results don't make sense, especially from the jawliners, so the only explanation I'm left with is that the TMJ dysfunction is preventing my gains, does that make any sense? Ever heard of a similar case? Sorry for the grammar.

Posted : 04/08/2022 11:37 pm
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