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extraction braces victim, should i remove fixed retainer?

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i had pre bad extraction braces, only 12 teeth on upper arch. my teeth are in an unnatural af position i think, so removing the retainer on my upper 6 teeth could cause them to revert back to natural position. or maybe not, ive worn them for 1.5-2yrs now after the completion of my treatment so maybe they're fixed there now, and mewing could be natural retainer.

or should i only cut it in the middle like some have, on the front 2 incisors, or maybe just the 2 on the canines to leave it on front 4 like salludon did?

maybe i should leave it there, coz idk if i need any more mewing expansion, just more bone on chin and zygos. ive heard the main thing is the back palate being wide rather than the front, and i feel ive got that. more forward growth/shortening and widening of midface etc could make my chin look worse, and my face more short face syndrome?

but ive also got pretty recessed under eye area, so i need to push my maxilla up?

inb4 cope, perhaps it is but im fine to experiment diligently for a yr before surgery. also late bloomer and literally breaking my palate, pushing past the point it burns in chin tuck.

imgur shows me before ortho treatment, would my teeth revert to that? imgur also shows my current face and other is just memes lol


thank you very much 🙂

Posted : 24/10/2022 6:36 am
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