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Going ahead with Homeoblock

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Hi guys,

Just thought I'd use this forum to keep track of my progress and my case and hopefully provide use to others. In late June I'll be having my first consultation about the Homeoblock. I've found a competent provider in the UK and one of the few to be trained by Ted Belfore. Treatment is in the range of abt 5k gbp and anywhere from around 2 - 3 years, from what I've heard over the phone. Right now I'm 23 so I can expect to be with the appliance until the ages of 25/26.

So for some history, like a few on here I've had previous retractive orthodontic work so extractions and braces (from the ages of 14 - 17). Unfortunately, in my case I didn't have premolars removed but whole molars, two on the top and two on the bottom. The consequences are as you can imagine, shortened midface, weakened side profile, poor posture, lack of facial integrity, a narrowing of both arches etc, etc. or at least these are the changes to my face/body that I have noticed since treatment and have attributed to said treatment. My only point of reference are my siblings who haven't had such extensive treatment and instead have not seen such dramatic changes to their body/faces throughout the time of adolesence as I have. 

I'm hoping this treatment will be able to reverse some of the damage caused by my prior treatment. I'm trying to be realistic and while it would be amazing to see changes as seen in some of the before and after photos of patients who have used the homeoblock or DNA appliance, especially those who see a dramatic change in their side profiles, I imagine they are more the exception than the rule. For me, a correction in posture, widened smile (currently you can't see past my canines when I smile) and more symmetry in the face will suffice and I hope will be achievable.

Once attaining the appliance I plan on updating with my progress probably once every 2 or 3 months and will hopefully be able to provide the before and after scans. Any questions welcomed.

I should also add that I've been mewing for 2 years now, so since around 21. Have seen almost no difference in the face, only changes I've noticed (slightly wider face) I would attribute to consciously chewing more and eating harder foods, carrots etc.

Posted : 03/06/2021 3:40 pm
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Do you have any updates?

Posted : 30/07/2023 5:41 am
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