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IPR for Invisalign with crowded teeth? Trying to argue...

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I am currently undergoing Invisalign on my bottom teeth while my palate is still being expanded by MSE (documented here:

My ortho is attempting to correct crowding, as my teeth have relapsed since my extensive childhood ortho work, and my gums have recessed. I have recently had my wisdom teeth extracted, and the Invisalign is straightening the teeth. However, my ortho wants to perform IPR on most of my bottom teeth before proceeding with additional trays & bite corrections.

Proposed treatment:

  • Distalize LR, perform slenderizing (interproximal reduction) in the lower arch
  • (After MSE removed and top aligners configured) Prescribe inter-arch elastics to establish Class I occlusion


The IPR "slenderizing" will be performed on the lower 1st molar to 1st molar. 0.2mm per contact.

Invisalign23 bottom

And I am trying to get out of this. Are there any valid arguments I can make? I was previously talked into this plan because my crowding is causing gum recession. And supposedly removing my wisdom teeth wasn't enough?

26F | MARPE/MSE + Invisalign + mewing

Posted : 06/08/2021 4:36 pm
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Any updates?

Posted : 02/10/2021 8:15 am
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I found out my alternative is to pull all the lower teeth more backwards instead of IPR. Otherwise I run risk of developing an underbite. And in order to aligned the bite right, the gaps on both side of my top teeth (between 6 & 7 and 10 & 11) will be a bit larger. I have no idea how dramatic this would be aesthetically (probably not much?), but my ortho is probably going to go that route now that I've expressed so much anxiety over the IPR... 

I know bite is extremely important and complicated af, so I'm trying to defer to ortho's expertise.


26F | MARPE/MSE + Invisalign + mewing

Posted : 12/10/2021 9:44 pm
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