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MSE+FM or MSE + Jaw surgery for cheekbones ?

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Hi guys,


I’m scheduled for MSE in a few weeks and plan on doing double jaw surgery after that (I have a .33 IMW, trouble breathing through the nose + sleep apnea).

I’ve had early teeth extraction (3 premolars) and a tongue-tie, thus my maxilla and chin are recessed, and have very weak cheekbones : no forward projection, permanent eye bags under eyes and negatively angled eyes with scleral show.

My orthodontist isn’t willing to use the face mask with my MSE because I have dental implants (to replace the missing teeth) which can't be moved like other teeth.

What I’m wondering is if the double jaw surgery would achieve the same froward growth on the maxilla as the facemask does ?


I’ve seen a few studies showing significant cheekbones forward expansion with MSE+facemask like here (blue is after, interesting to note is the mandible going back a bit, but I believe this can be corrected with the DJS):



and here


Correct me if I’m wrong but my understanding is that the jaw surgery cuts the maxilla under the zygomatic bone and repositions it forward. Thus, it doesn’t “pull” the cheekbones like the facemask does and doesnt achieve any forward growth of the cheekbone and under eye area…


If my understanding is correct, I’m wondering if it’d be worth to remove the implants for that and put them back later (no crown attached to them yet).

Here’s my side profile, at around 10% body fat or a bit lower :

I can provide more pictures if needed !

I also wanna take this opportunity to thank this community and users like @Apollo for being a wealth of information in my journey to a better health and face !

Posted : 05/04/2022 10:35 pm
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