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Need advice fixing craniofacial dystrophy (Pics included)

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Hey. Recently turned 19 years old and am interested in learning how I can correct my very apparent craniofacial dystrophy. Here are my images:

Some of the issues I suffer from:
- Extreme craniofacial/skeletal strain (unsure of which type but likely a mix of side-bending rotation and torsion)
          -Asymmetric Pelvis
          -Asymmetric Shoulders
          -Neck and back strain
          -Asymmetrical mandible, bite, lips, nose, cheekbones, eyes, ears, hairline 

Interestingly enough, all of these asymmetries follow the same pattern with the right side seated higher than the left.

- Lack of lower third projection/definition (granted I'm high body fat)

- Flat midface lacking in maxillary projection
- Narrow mandible and zygomatic region
- Eyes, not the same size (not sure if this is the cause of ptosis)
- One cheekbone is more projected than the other
- Recessed temples 

- Vaulted palate 
- Myriad of occlusion issues (overbite, crossbite, dental crowding)

- Narrow lips despite having a 12 tooth smile

And the list goes on. 

I want to know what options I have for improving my skeletal asymmetry and CFD, which I believe was with me since birth. ALF (Craniodontics)? Homeobloc? Chirodontics? NCR? Osteopathic techniques? Working with the muscles as this post suggests (  

In addition, how would treating skeletal asymmetry work with maxillary/mandibular and maxillary protraction via a facemask? Should I try and fix my asymmetries before getting MSE, during, or after?

So far I've been doing the course by Mewing World semi-consistently. Can't really tell if I got any results from it. I've also tried to mew and chin-tuck but I have a difficult time maintaining the form. This is likely because of the things I listed above. If all goes right, I should be in a position to seek serious treatment by the end of the summer so please help me out. I literally feel scared to look at rear camera photos because of this shit. This issue has reduced my life enjoyment for too long! 

Posted : 16/03/2023 7:51 pm
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Posted : 16/03/2023 7:53 pm
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