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Question about second molar extraction

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I've been to the dentist yesterday and had some bad news that one of my upper left molars must be extracted due to severe cavity. This is my 2nd molar, so the one before the wisdom teeth.

The bad news is the my first molar was already extracted at age 19, and my wisdom teeth kinda filled in the space pushing my other molar forward, so it wasn't noticeable.

So i've been mewing for the past 2 years with great, but very slow results. I have/had a very underdeveloped narrow upper palate because of prolonged thumb sucking as a child.

The last few weeks and months im noticing faster result as my tongue is getting better at being able to rest deeply at the back roof of my mouth. I do feel i still have a way to go, but the relaxation i am getting from being able to relax my mouth more naturally is so good after all these years.

I am now kinda stressed and worried that because of the removal of my second molar i will soon have a big gap at the top upper left and how this will affect my mewing results. Will i still be able to continue developing properly with a second missing molar and gap?

So just to be clear at the moment i have 2 molars, where one is a wisdom teeth, in two weeks the molar infront of the wisdom teeth will be removed. So I will have a total of only one molar (my wisdom teeth) left at this side of my mouth.

Hope someone can give me some good advice.

Posted : 14/03/2023 10:42 am
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