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Scapular dyskinesis in relation with poor facial development ??

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Hello, so this thread is just a idea (not so new ofc) that I got from my case.


I will ommit lots of details because it would be too long.

So I've been struggling with jaw pain / occlusion problems / tinnitus / neck tension etc all this stuff for years.

I've seen specialists who saved my TMJs, I became functionnal in everyday life again, I chew some gum to develop those masseters.

HOWEVER, many problems stopped improving and stayed with me:

- Chronic tension in right part of the neck 

- Chronic pain when walking too long in the back / neck

- Disconfort in arms zone when walking, relieved by holding them in a crossed arm position

- Melted right side of the face, all muscles are weaker on that side, I've tried chewing a lot of gum BUT it's not only muscle development, my bones are not shaped the same, and my masseter doesn't insert in the same manner the left one does ! So even when it gets bigger, its shape is so different that it doesnt pop out like the left one

- asymetry of shoulder heights (right shoulder lower and more forward than left one)

- tinnitus hyperacusis etc...

- difficulty articulating when speaking, like eustachian tube unlocks themselves and it really feels annoying


Recently I had more time and energy to take care of me and those problems, and I read again Kjetil Larsen's articles about TMJ neck and also scapular diskynesis


Well, I've taken an appointment with him and amongst all exercises I started as a protocol to strenghthen and heal all my sick body parts (like pterygoids, trapezius, levator scapulae etc), I managed to actively correct my shoulder heights (I up both of them and pull back a little bit), and "spread my torso out".

What was surprising was that even without trying to dissociate both shoulders, the height split between them auto correct to near 0, and a WHOLE LOT of symptoms seem to be improving in everyday life (while constanty holding the new position):

- I loose a lot less energy while talking (it was a pain in the ass that required rest after a fast talk)

- Neck range of motion improved on both directions, I meet less resistance for my every day life head movements

- My jaw feels more "free", I feel less resistance when articulating

- Disconfort in arms zone when walking seems to disappear, the same way it does when I hold both my arms (like in a prayer position, which feels like relieving me of 20kg), however it is of course replaced by muscular pain after some time because I don't have the muscles to hold this position

- Less tension in right side of the neck...

- And "surprisingly" tongue benefits: eventho my tongue was already stuck to my palate, now it feels even more effortless, the tongue gets even MORE naturally pushed / deposited against upper palate.

Also I feel some nerve pinching after a while, like needles in my arms, loss of sensibility in arms etc, but it's something I have experienced as well when I started degenerating. I take a  break at these moments but I think it will subside with practice and correct muscle development ...


So basically, all my "Neck / Head Fundations" were too down, and doing this correction, those fundations get pushed up and stabilized, which cause the whole system to be less pulled down, so the tongue is more free and light, the neck as well, ...


And as my right side was more melted, and the fundation was also way more droopy on the right side, an obvious revelation comes to my mind:

what if, the face could be pulled down not only by gravity, BUT because of the pulled down fundations ?? What if a droopy upper body posture grabbed what was above it with it, and as a corollary, proper upper body muscles and functions was the BASE for, THEN, a proper and free of movement development of the face ? 

Thanks for reading !


edit: an interesting fact is that I have developped over the last year, after great tension into my neck and head, a beginning of male pattern baldness (father and grandfathers both sides have full hair), and it is 10% on the left side (the pain free side) what it is on the right side (the droopy side). Totally asymetric pattern in perfect relation with my tensions

Posted : 07/01/2022 11:16 am
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