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Should I keep my molars in contact?

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This is the first post I make, also I'm not an english native speaker so sorry for my english. I have a class II malocclusion, i have an over bite and a deep bite but my palate isn't that narrow. I hard mewed and chewed hard gums for a year and gained good zygos and masseter. I think I gained space in my palate bc at first I couldn't keep the molars how I am keeping them right now (slightly separated, like less than 1 mm I guess) without having my mandible far set back. But my face is still a bit long and kind of round, bc aesthetically i gained mass but not sharpness. If I keep my molars in contact(not hard) I can see my face shorten and I think I can feel a forward growth force (just a feeling, I'm not sure), but this makes my deep bite and over bite worse. I tried sucking the tongue to the palate as mike mew says and it works, I can feel pressure in my whole head and there is less effort compared to hard mewing, also I red the topic on lip seal (sucking your lips in while sucking the palate) and it makes the whole thing work even better, but it actually makes my face rounder, and I dont know why? (Maybe buccinators?) What should I do? Suctionhold while molars toghether? Or with molars slightly separated waiting for them to erupt? Why my face is round and not defined but my muscles are big?

Posted : 11/09/2022 11:25 am
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