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Square Mandible but Recessive Features while Mewing

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I started mewing a little over a year ago at 21 years of age as I found out that only the tip of my tongue was pressing onto the roof of my mouth as well as my front teeth but not back into my mouth to support the maxilla. Recently in the last month I have become obsessed with mewing again and have been browsing this forum, Reddit, and Youtube. I've never really paid much attention to gonial angles, ramus length, and bite placement and realized I have a combination of strange facial features. The information I came across is sometimes confusing and contradictory. I'm not even sure how much mewing can help since my jaw is fairly square and upright just pulled back a little too much or not grown forward maybe but it is not slouching downward at an excessively obtuse angle. Is their anyone on here with a similar facial profile?

Facial features:

  • Deep overbite that covers the front teeth but the chin still protrudes past the lips making it seem OK looking with proper lip seal
  • Noticeable antegonial notches on both sides possibly from excessive chewing or something else
  • Slight TMJ related issues on the right side of my face, such as crackling if I'm not careful how I chew or don't jut my jaw forward sometimes
  • Square looking jaw with a gonial angle of about 110 degrees for some reason (Thinking this is genetic predisposition, seems non-concerning)
  • Somewhat sunken eyes (but noticeably straight) giving me dark circles probably from lack of bone protrusion around the cheeks
Posted : 14/11/2021 11:54 pm
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Interesting. Without any further information, I would say that I am similar to you in the way that I also have a square(ish) jaw and a slight overbite. My under-eye area also has some slight dark circles, similar to yours. What I would guess is that your mandible size and length is appropriate, but that you may have some craniofacial recession, specifically in the maxillary area. I would see if your inter molar width is sizeable, and if you would be a possible candidate for MSE+Facemask for a combination of expansion and protraction.

Posted : 17/11/2021 12:05 am
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If you have a deep bite your mandible is probably in the wrong place. Malpositioning of the mandible will result in TMJ problems. To fix your issues you will likely need something like a GELB appliance to change the position of the mandible and provide support for your joints. After Gelb, you can do braces + turbos to fix the malocclusion. 

The link below shows what can be done with braces + turbos by a compotent orthodontist.

Posted : 24/11/2021 3:19 pm
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