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(Unique Case) Need another extraction+overcrowding correction, already have my wisdom teeth out. Don't know what to do. Please help.

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I have all 4 wisdom teeth taken out, which I regret a lot. Even though Mike mew says the wisdom teeth extractions don't noticeably affect the face, I still miss my wisdom teeth and having them is better than not. I need to extract my first molar now on my lower jaw. Doing research, I know I need to implant a tooth before the gap closes and I lose bone. 

Here is where the issue arises- My lower teeth are crowded. And I also have a metal allergy, so I can't implant using anything metal. I can only use Zirconia. What should I do? I want to maximize the effects of mewing, I fear the implant will cause my gains to not be as good as they could be. I don't think mewing can fix lower teeth crowding, so I need to get orthodontist work, so should I mew for a couple more years, then fix overcrowding and then extract and implant? And correcting overcrowding, I don't want to recede my lower jaw, by pulling the teeth back (since I don't have wisdom teeth, I fear my ortho will try to fix the crowding by pulling the teeth back into the space freed up by the wisdom teeth extraction).

What treatment should I do to fix overcrowding of the lower set of teeth that provides the best cosmetic benefits?

Will the implant affect my mandible growth? (I think implants and extractions in general are more serious if they are on the maxilla since that is what is shifting)

Also, is wisdom teeth extractions really that bad?? I  mean I get its never a good idea to extract, but I already have a month ago. I can't really go back in time... People on the forums make it seem like it changes their face a lot, but they also seem to have had other orthodontic work so I can't come to a conclusion on that yet, I'm just trusting what Mike mew said, for in Mike Mew we trust.



Posted : 27/01/2023 11:18 am
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Why exactly do you need your first molar extracted? If you don’t absolutely need to then don’t. 

I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted at 18, I know the feeling of regret. However, no need to be a doomer about it. I was very worried about it at first but it seems with proper mewing you can absolutely still attain a good looking face with no significant difference.

As far as the molar is concerned, I would first do your homework and look for a doctor that is keen on orthotropics. I don’t see how an implant would prevent proper facial growth. I wouldn’t trust any doctor that doesn’t practice  or at least acknowledge orthotropics. Find a doctor that will focus on your whole skull and not just straightening teeth.

maxillary expansion can correct the lower teeth if they are not super crowded, if not then some Invisalign afterward could fix what the expansion could not.

I’m no expert but stay vigilant, there is much for you to gain even without your wisdom teeth or an extracted molar with implant.

Posted : 30/01/2023 11:42 pm
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