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AIright guys growing up I had a quite good looking face but around 22/23 I lost a tooth and stupidly got it extracted in 2019 due to an abcess I’m currently 27 now and I lost another tooth during COVID that wasn’t extracted I think the bone is still there, these 2 teeth I lost were pre molars and due to this I’m sure this is the reason my face looks bad I have a shorter face now and lines under my eyes I also have an overbite since young but losing those 2 teeth made it easier for me to close my mouth as growing up it was hard for me to close my mouth and I was a mouth breather


I’m currently going back to work and I will try to save up for maybe a palate expander, also how would you recommend I mew, my tongue is too big and I think my palate is abit too high


I’m not sure if I should get braces or to expand my palate first or if I should replace the 2 teeth


it really sucks how losing teeth can just mess up your face 


I will send pics just pm me privately if you wanna help, thanks

Posted : 07/09/2021 10:52 am
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