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Mewing Transformation (pictures) Part 1 : Before the transformation

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Mewing Transformation  (pictures) Part 1 : Before the transformation 


Pictures (Shows open mouth vs mewing on left and right + More) - in second post down below 


Hello all 


I am a 22 year old beginning my mewing/tongue posture journey. Have been a lurker on this forum for a while and after doing enough research it is time to get mewing & start palatal expansion. Obviously the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago according to the ancient Chinese proverb and the second best time is now. Now with that in mind It wouldn’t be unreasonable to aim for good results by my mid 20s so thats the goal whilst I’ve still got age on my side, those 18-19 year olds who were lucky enough to find out about mewing early on are seriously gifted lol. For those of us in our early 20s its a case of now or never really, as its best to make the changes as soon as possible.  Mew has said those under 25 can expect see reasonable results in a short amount of time due to the structure been more malleable. After watching the video from Mike Mew about how you are growing its became apparent to me that for those of us that are recessing  it is fundamental to make the change instead of sitting back and letting the melting of the face get worse. 


Overview of my current state :


  • Am fairly reassessed.


  • have a weak chin, look like a little boy when I shave and carry some pout under the jaw 


  • Suffer from asymmetry, should be visible in the pictures that my left side is more reassessed then the right (Maxilla). 


  • As well as a non existent maxilla. (Weaker on the left) 


  • Mabe bad head posture and mouth breathing as Elliott Hulse told me to breath into my balls to become a man. Also get pretty bad allergies in the spring/summer months usually resulting in me mouth breathing and feeling like crap. Also 20 + years of incorrect tongue posture/breathing. 


Postives : 


  • Whilst it may be depressing to understand the mechanism behind where you currently are it is important to be grateful for what you already have. 


  • Inter-molar : Am currently sitting at 38mm, which is not to far off the recommended 40mm+, and not a million miles of our 50mm+ ancestors. Will be aiming for the mid 40s when I start palatel expansion. 


  • Have not mewed for any significant amount of time however when I was testing mewing and correct head posture it become apparent that there was noticeable changes in appearance, hopefully a sign of things to come when I start properly.If you look at the open mouth vs mewing there is a big difference in profile form and shape. 



The goal :


  • Maxilla : Will be aiming to move maxilla forward by mewing, good tongue posture and keeping correct head/neck posture. 


  • Palatal Expansion/Widening jaw : I have ordered a y-plate expander from the braces shop. Will only be expanding horizontally as frontal expansion will likely cause tipping. Will be aiming for mid 40s if possible.  As the upper jaw expands the lower jaw will follow suit, I don’t know whats the point of lower expanders as they will only cause tipping so aren’t really relevant to what we are trying to achieve. Along the journey may need to get another one as my Palate changes and the plastics no longer fit. Palatal expansion gains need to be cemented by strong tongue posture after the expansion process otherwise will lose gained width. 


  • Jawline : Will be aiming to firm up/sharpen my jaw by chewing. In our society we don’t chew enough and can easily get our caloric intake in with minimal effort. Will be chewing for an hour or so a day to build up hypertrophy in the masseter muscles. 


  • Posture : Is a big one, years of forward head posture and looking down is likely to be a leading cause of melting face. Mckenzie chin tuck will be very helpful. 


Obviously all these things join together to make results on the lower third of the face. Face pulling may be another one but haven’t done enough research on that subject. My goal here is to share my journey, help others and ultimately make positive changes to a wider, fuller and more natural Palate/face.


Concerns :


  • Mewing force. To make changes we need to apply a force greater then what we have been doing throughout our lives to make change. To make up for years of bad tongue posture. Any advice on this ? 


  • How fast should I expand using the y - plate expander ? Is it likely with mewing and expanding that the expander will not not fit in a short amount of time ? What my worry is, after taking impressions my Palate may have changed shape. I know its a minor concern but is possible


  • I am a side sleeper so need to make the transition to back sleeping. Easier said then done. Any advice ? Will likely be taping my mouth at night to avoid mouth breathing. Although during heavy lifting  at the gym will likely need mouth breath. 


Course of Action : 


  • Mewing : Will need to make a conscious effort to make mewing second nature to me. Tongue should be applying pressure upwards throughout the day non stop. 


  • Hard mewing : Will be hard mewing throughout parts of the day to help cement the process


  • Chewing : Will be chewing for an hour then doing tongue chewing for another. Have bought some Turkish Faliam gum. 


  • Y plate expander : Currently waiting to take impressions. When it arrives will be starting the expansion process as soon as possible. 


  • Posture : Will need to make a conscious effort to improve head/body posture. Stretching and Chin tucks will be high on the list 



So thats it. This is my overview before I undertake the transformation. What do you guys think ? And any advice. Have linked in photos and also will be sharing my transformation on youtube. Already have a video up about mewing. Here - . Either way minus the potential results this will hopefully improve my hay fever during spring/summer months and anything on top will be great. I am going to put the work in and hopefully this can debunk the myth that mewing doesn’t work in adults or at least substantial changes can be made. 


From now on will be mewing and talking the steps that I have listed in this thread. I will check back in 3 months time (will be near my 23rd by then) , with updated pictures to see what progress I have made. Have made this thread to keep myself accountable to my actions and also to also write down/confirm my thoughts. 


If there is anything I should be aware of , constructive criticism or any other useful tips please share. This forum has been very useful in understanding the fundamentals behind mewing and correct tongue posture. This is not a topic covered by the mainstream so can’t wait to see what progress I can make on the mewing journey as well as enlightening other people on this subject. 





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Posted : 30/01/2019 1:21 pm
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Posted : 30/01/2019 1:21 pm
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If I recall correctly, Mew once said he thinks that an over-turned lower lip is from activating the mentalis muscle during swallowing. So try to learn correct swallow, which may not be possible until you reach a certain IMW. Eta: misread something you wrote, for looser skin under the jaw, tongue posture does help, and jaw jutting type face exercises, there are some on YouTube

Some things I wished I did when starting out would be:

Gather materials: to make plaster dental casts (or get a dentist to make them), digital calliper (most accurate IMW measurement), tripod to take before and after pics with consistent lighting and position

Scans: 3D CBCT, dexa scan of skull seems interesting

Supplements, diet: search this topic on this forum and elsewhere re: bone remodelling, bone growth

Suction hold: with tongue chewing, renders hard mewing (incorrect, potentially dangerous tongue posture) obsolete

eta: noticed your IMW is already fairly high and you got a palate expander. Check out the thumb pulling thread here, where some have explored the potential for suture growth, protraction of the maxilla. Expander could be used like a retainer. May not be suitable for beginners, though.

Remember this pain... and let it activate you.

Posted : 30/01/2019 6:02 pm
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Work on lengthening  the back of your neck to stop tilting your head. Check you are not favouring one side in chewing. Check you are not tilting your head to one side. Measure IMW between the first molars.  You do not look bad at all. I think your major issue is the under development on your left side, hence my comments on balance.

Posted : 31/01/2019 4:33 pm
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Do you brux your teeth together?

Posted : 01/02/2019 10:08 pm
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Sorry for the delayed response. Sounds interesting about Mews theory of the overturned lip. Will research that further and am in the process of learning correct swallowing patterns and yes will likely be easier once a certain IMW is reached. As per suggestion have bought some digital callipers and already have plaster dental casts lying around. Have tired thumb pulling after investigating and it appears to give an insight as to where your maxilla will move to once the changes via mewing have cemented. As for supplements/diet have been working out for the last 5 years hard and am knowledgeable about what to do for gains in the gym and what supplements to take for health. 

Posted : 07/02/2019 1:00 pm
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Thanks for the advice. Will defo be a good idea to lengthen back of neck to stop head tilting, there is a machine in my gym for neck training so may try that also. Yes do think I am tilting to one side slightly hence the imbalance. Mew has suggested to swap fork/spoon side when eating and sitting on the other hand to correct this. Also need to make the swap from side sleeper to back sleeper sooner rather then later as thats another imbalance to tick off the list. Mew is of the theory that imbalances will correct themselves like unravling a scrunched up piece of paper 

Posted : 07/02/2019 1:08 pm
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Do not brux teeth together consciously, is possible at night however no way to know. 

Posted : 07/02/2019 1:11 pm
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