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The Netherlands: what are the treatment options here? +treatment questions

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Hi guys and gals,

New here. Been reading a lot on different appliances, however every time I look for practitioners that use them, I can't find any in The Netherlands! I can only find ones that use Myobrace, which I don't think will help me.*

This is the situation right now:

IMG 20190621 091105 1
DSCN4306 (2)
DSCN4308 (2)
DSCN4309 (2)
DSCN4318 (2)
DSCN4322 (2)
DSCN4319 (2)

What I want:
-A widening of both the upper and lower dental arch and if possible also the maxilla. Widening is especially important for the lower dental arch, I have quite some crowding there and it's narrow. On the upper arch I have only one tilted tooth, the rest is pretty straight and the arch is pretty wide already. But it needs to fit the lower arch, so I guess it needs to expand just as much?

-A forward advancement of especially the lower arch, to correct my receding chin. If an advancement of the upper arch would look better too, then that's cool.

-Straight teeth.

Because of the lack of practitioners, I only found two less than ideal options until now:
-Clear aligners (Invisalign type). I'm afraid it will chaff my tongue if I keep it against the roof of my mouth, any experience? Also, I can ask to not have any slicing done, but it's quite a mystery to me where the extra room is being made. I assume it's mostly sideways and not forward? By the way, they want me to get my top wisdom teeth extracted prior, because they are hanging down (there are no lower wisdom teeth anymore). Thoughts?
-Expansion plate for the upper arch followed by Myobrace to straighten teeth. I don't trust that my lower arch will expand as well, just by staying in contact with the upper molars through proper posture. What is your experience or idea on this? Also, like I explain below, I don't like Myobrace.

*I have worn a knock off one or 10 hours a day for 3-4 months. My teeth did not get straighter. Also, because it positions the lower teeth right below the front teeth, the pressure on the lower teeth is forward, but the pressure on the upper teeth is backward. Also, it cannot widen the arches.

Posted : 21/06/2019 3:21 am
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Posted by: @darkindigo

Dang.  You have done your homework!  The main problem you have is that lip piercing.  Check this out...  well, I couldn’t find it.  Anyway...similar situation.  The tongue is very powerful.  Your lower teeth are tipping forward...this throws your lower jaw back.  You will want to add a bit of distal movement of lower teeth to your game plan.  The problem with that is that you always need counter-pressure points.  The counter really ought to be the lower lip pushing back.  It isn’t uncommon for piercings of lower lips to get that lower chin back.  Playing with it or having any obstruction of the lower lip being inhibiting it in touching lower teeth doesn’t provide a counter-pressure to the lowers. 

That being said, your gums look good...and if you widen the top then you can widen the bottom.  It likely will not follow...but you can always see and add if needed. I think your palate up top is high.  At least it seems like it could be rounded out and give your face some nice contour.



I don't feel like my teeth are tipping forward, just sideways. I also don't see why that would 'throw the lower jaw back'

I'm very curious where you got this information about lip piercings. Was it written by a professional or non-professional, a theoretical piece or someone's experience etc? I don't believe it tbh that lip piercings push the lower chin back. You're talking about a few mm bar post. 

Posted : 06/08/2019 12:34 pm
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