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Is there a solution for facial asymmetry / cranial strain / cranial distortion ?

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Hi, I found this forum a few months ago when I was doing research about my problem.

My problem is that I noticed from years that my face is completely asymmetrical (I am 21 now).

Every point in one side of my face is asymmetrical compared to the other side. Click on the spoiler if you want to read the detailed description of my asymmetry :

My left eye is lower and more closed than the other, my left ear is lower and more visible than the other.

My jawline is not the same on both side.

The back of my skull is flatter on the right side and it is more rounded on the left side. When I look at myself from the front, the left side of my head above the ear (temporal bone ?) is more rounded.

My palate is asymmetrical (on the left it seems to be "higher", and on the right I feel like a "bone" which makes that I feel it "lower".

My teeth on the right are turned "outwards" and my teeth on the left are turned "inwards".

My hair is different depending on the side of my head (I have more hair on the left than on the right, it is denser on the left
than on the right. On the right, when it's long, my hair doesn't look "healthy". And my hairline is higher on the right, like I have baldness. On the contrary, on my left, it's like the opposite of baldness, I have like "baby hair".

It's not baldness because I have noticed it from years, and it didn't get worse. Not only my hair, my "beard" (I mean the few hairs on my cheeks) and my mustache are also denser on the left. It's the same for my armpits.

Even my two eyes don't have the same level of myopia, I can see clearer with the left eye.


I intentionally omitted other details, but these are the main ones.

I'm not saying one side of my face is prettier than the other, I can't say which side of my face is prettier, but anyway when I take a photo of both profiles, the right side looks weirder and uglier.
I don't think there is a prettier or "normal" side, but the two are completely different which gives a bad result.

When I was doing research about this problem, I found something called "cranial strain" or "cranial distortion", and I feel like it fits my case. More particularly the type of cranial strain called "side bending rotation".

So, is there a solution to facial asymmetry / cranial strain / cranial distortion ?


More info to give you some clues :

-When I was a child I had mandibular prognathism (this is when the lower jaw and lower teeth are too far forward) and I had to do several years of orthodontics for that

-When I was born, they took me out with spoons (because I had trouble getting out). Maybe it created a cranial strain ? And I had torticollis as a baby. I was taken to a specialist (physiotherapist I believe).



And one important question :

I discovered 1 year ago that I have ulcerative colitis (bowel disease). Could cranial strain be the cause of my ulcerative colitis ?

And sorry for my english, it's not my first language. Sorry if this is not the right place to post this.


Thank you in advance for your answers.

Posted : 04/01/2023 6:57 am
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PS : I noticed all this by putting all the elements end to end. At first I could see that something was wrong with my face, then the more time passed, the more I noticed that every part of my face was asymmetrical.
So please don't think I'm inventing all of these.

Posted : 04/01/2023 7:06 am
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Have a look into ocular physiotherapy and do start running. Stop mewing

Posted : 08/01/2023 6:16 pm
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@roflcopters Thank you for your answer, but my problem is not only about my eyes

Posted : 13/01/2023 12:04 pm
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