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Anxiety/PTSD/Schizophrenia/Psychiatric Illness

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Anxiety and other mental illness seem to be comorbid with OSA...   Even health insurers are grouping these.

Awakening to be chocked off can cause a surge of noreprenephrine / adrenaline.

85% of those with OSA don't know it.  A sleep study can be performed.

Posted : 27/01/2019 9:46 pm
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From @DrMario
"Thanks for your reply. Oh yeah I do not regret my somnoplasty -not one bit. To finally be able to breathe exclusively through the nose during the day is a gift. After the surgery, I started to realize that my anxiety levels have gone down dramatically...perhaps due to the NO production and better regulation of O2 and CO2 levels."

Anxiety case.  I'm sure there are more, but when you search the web for anxiety and orthodontia most of it is about being anxious about the treatment.  LOL  Hard to find case studies with those search terms.


Posted : 27/01/2019 10:15 pm
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Hi. I had serious psychological problems due to the dismissal and for a long time I could not cope with it. I decided not to go to doctors for psychological help, but loneliness scared me even more and I did everything in order not to go crazy. The last two months have been the hardest and that's when I decided to try kratom in order to calm myself like that ... I found a great supplier of kratom at low prices ( and ordered several different lots. As a result, my psychological state became better and soon my mental health was completely back.

Posted : 14/10/2020 9:36 am
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Hey there! Just wanted to say that if you're dealing with anxiety, PTSD, schizophrenia, or any psychiatric illness, know that you're not alone. Reach out to professionals and support networks for guidance and understanding.

Posted : 04/07/2023 5:14 am
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Dealing with these conditions can be incredibly challenging, but remember, there's hope and help available. It's important to reach out to professionals, therapists, or support groups that specialize in these areas. They can provide guidance, understanding, and strategies to cope with the daily struggles. In tough times, finding solace in practices like the aa serenity prayer can bring some comfort and perspective. Remember, you're not alone, and there are people out there who care and want to help. Hang in there!

Posted : 06/07/2023 1:19 am
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