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Asymmetry in maxilla, canted smile, crowded lower jaw+ underbite. What should I be doing?

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I have been mewing for 3 years. Probably incorrectly for the first 2. Anyway I notice progress, however I am noticing the left side of my face is a little more down swung. My maxilla on the right side of my face is a bit more counter clockwise rotated, and has good eye support, where as the left side is a bit more clockwise rotated. My left side also has weaker eye support.

My occlusion makes this all the more confusing as I have a slight cant. When trying to get my jaw how I want my jaw and face to look= my lower teeth shift to the right, causing an uneven alignment of my front teeth, my left side molars won't touch, nor the incisors, my right side molars also doesn't touch due to my molars being higher up than my front teeth. I have an underbite+ lower jaw crowding and canted smile (my left side upper teeth hang lower and my bottom right are higher up). I still need expansion on my right but more so on my left. However I need more forward and upward growth on my left side maxilla rather than outward expansion since its, wide enough, just clockwise recessed.

I think I need my crowding on my lower jaw to be fixed via lower palate expansion, with emphasis on my left side mandible so my occlusion can improve as well as my cant. So should I try to focus my tongue more towards the left side to get more forward and upward growth and expansion (which is what I want) and then expand my lower jaw to improve crowding and have enough space to fix the cant? I also am going to change my chewing rotation from CCW to CW. Could anybody with knowledge help me fix my issues?

Posted : 08/03/2023 5:51 pm
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