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Does this RPE palate expander from Bracesshop can expand the palate of the maxilla? is it legit? Or is it just useless?

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Hello, im new here on the forum but interested very much on maxilla expansion and forward growth for some time now mostly for reasons of nose breathing,wider smile etc

Personal information: 22 years old male, with 28 overall teeth, i guess no wisdom teeth

My question is about this Rapid Maxillary expander and does it work and if yes how compared to regular expander connected by molar bands? I know they give a description but they sell the product 

Link to the product-

So it says its a rapid Maxillary expander/expansion and it seems like it supposed to connect somehow the  3 molars on each side together , i guess its also depends on how much molars someone have meaning i have 28 teeth overall and im 22 years old male, so idk if i have wisdom teeth so i guess it would be on 2 molars and one premolar on each side 

They on the email said its fine when i contacted them


Anyway my main question is does this even work? Not necessarily for me but in general? I ask because when i search for photos and videos on palate expanders mostly rapid ones like mse or whatever usually its connected by a molar band or something and in the video they say they glue it cemented it or something so here is not only not a molar band but idk how is this even supposed to stay up there and not fall ...? Its very odd to me, can someone explain? Thoughts on this product? 

Posted : 13/07/2023 2:13 pm
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