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Extreme asymmetry what to do ? WIll mewing fix this ? If not what should I do?

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Midline towards left. Right eye bag is more droopy. Left ear higher than right. Left eye higher than right ? Left side occipital muscle pain and neck tightened ? Left leg shorter than right ? Pelvis rotated left. Right hip tight when attempting to stand straight. Teeth tilted inwards. Maxilla rotated. ANy ideas on how to correct this ?

Posted : 29/01/2023 4:41 am
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My face/cranium is also completely asymmetrical (I'm pretty sure I have what is called a "cranial side bend"). I searched a lot, and the only things I found are :


-ALF appliance

-Mandibular Cranial Balancing technique

-Something named "chirodontics"


But I don't know more.


It's hard to admit it for me, because this problem bothers me a lot, but I think there is no solution.



Posted : 30/01/2023 4:03 am
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@asymmetry what causes these do you think ?

most likely asymmetrical body posture which causes cranial side bend as compensation ?

Posted : 30/01/2023 4:05 am
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@mewingthru I don't know if you have what we call a cranial strain (or cranial distortion) but if I understood correctly, a cranial strain is caused by a dysfunction of the sphenobasilar symphysis, this affect all the others cranial bones and can create asymmetry.


If I remember correctly, I also read that it can be caused by birth trauma/forceps. And it was the case for me. I don't know if it's related.


Posted : 30/01/2023 4:16 am
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@asymmetry ah ok thanks for the info.

Posted : 30/01/2023 4:25 am
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I've had maxillary cant and madibular asymmetry (hyperplasia). My ramus is longer on one side and even nose longer on one side.

I have been able to improve this over the last 7 years by chewing gum on the collapsed side.

I gace done facepulling and thumb pulling too, especially thumbpulling on the side that is droopy helped raise it up significantly my nose is looking more symmetrical and lower jaw too 

Don't get me wrong this is the hardest thing I have done, years of stretching my left side and engaging the hypotonic muscles (on the right side).

What I also did is massage the lower jaw to compact it and raise it up, after this I felt my neck pop and stuff my posture changed overnight.

I know the hopeless feeling of not being able to correct this but it is possible.

I want to add I do coconut oil pulling and internal Qi Gong meditation for healing, especially the head since I've had a big blockage there for years so I meditate on raising Qi up my spine into the skull. This has helped dramatically I recommend doing small universe meditation (microcosmic orbit) to open up energy channels for beginners.

Posted : 06/02/2023 6:54 am
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I have similar issues (some mix of torsion and side-bending rotation), and it kills me to see myself in rear camera photos. I haven't done as much research on the matter as I should but here is what I have so far.

"Bandaid" Fixes:
-Cosmetic Surgeries for individual asymmetric features (Rhinoplasty, Otoplasty, Hair Transplant, Eye Surgeries)

-Orthognathic/Maxillofacial Surgery. As the study below suggests, fixing the jaw via bimax can correct eye and lip canting.

I call these bandaid fixes because they don't address the root issue: total skeletal asymmetry that results in poor posture and sphenoid/ethmoid misalignment. 

More Comprehensive Fixes:
-MewingWorld Course. They have some impressive results regarding fixing cranial strain. I haven't been consistent with it though but it's something to check out and relatively cheap compared to other solutions ($70).

-Craniodontics treatment (Orthodontics with ALF)


The second girl looks nearly perfectly symmetrical post-treatment. 


As for asymmetrical limb length, that can only be corrected via limb lengthening procedures.

In my opinion, this is a complicated issue to resolve and requires a multi-step complicated treatment plan. Personally, I'm hoping to go down the route of combining craniodonthics, some type of posture correction protocol, maxillary and mandibular expansion (hopefully with a face-puller), and some bandaid fixes. Once the problem is adequately resolved, maintenance via a proper diet, proper oral posture and nasal breathing, sleeping on the back on a hard surface etc. Good luck and hopefully this helps. 

Posted : 17/03/2023 3:26 am
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