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Free Webinar - Adjusting the Face & Cranial Bones with the Breath

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 Free Webinar
The spaces between the breaths and
adjusting the face & cranial bones.
Sunday, 6th August
7 pm - 8.30 pm UK time
2 pm - 3.30 pm EST New York time.

Here is a link to register –

In Sunday's, webinar we will be working with the spaces between the breaths.
One of the main areas that we will be starting from is the jaw.

In Holographic Breathing, we open a rhythmic movement through the whole body and if we drop into the spaces between the breaths the jaw doesn't naturally just stay in that position but slowly starts moving into the next breath. 
This takes some of the potency out of the still point and the jaw.
 It takes a little bit of awareness to allow the jaw to just stay where it is in a relaxed mode.

There is a potency and universal connection to this rhythm and when it comes to a standstill all of that moving energy travels inwards.
As we have the awareness on the jaw it releases through this area and the muscles of the jaw start relaxing, and also the energy starts traveling deep within the jaw itself.

Often when people first do this there can be an uncontrollable shaking of the jaw as all of the stresses and tensions start to release.
Once this has cleared, the jaw becomes deeply relaxed inside and out.

This also clears through the TMJs the joint between the jaw and cranium. This can often be a site of tension.

As we get over this first part then the whole cranium and body start releasing.

In the guided meditation I will be showing how to facilitate this internal and external healing through the jaw, skull, spine, pelvis, arms, and legs.

The bones of the pelvis relate to the bones of the skull.

In the pelvis the sit bones relate to the jaw and the hip joints relate to the TMJs.
In the arms, the shoulder joints relate to the TMJs.
Along with this, the upper area of the jaw relates to the upper arms and legs and the lower jaw relates to the lower arms and legs.
So there's a strong affinity between the jaw, arms, legs, and lower pelvis.

This is all reflected in the higher self, and a healing unfolds in a deep and meaningful way.

Here is a link to register –

Also here is a video that I made yesterday where I talk about all of this in far more depth –

 Best wishes

Posted : 06/08/2023 7:03 am
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