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Has Anyone Who Suffered from Hard Mewing Been Able To Reverse The Issue?

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Hi, there are a handful of us out here that have suffered the ill consequences of hard mewing. I was just wondering if anyone has been able to fix it. I’ve been interested in the Alf appliance as I’ve read that it can bring your mouth/body/bones into more of its natural state and it has the capability to move the maxilla in 3d. Would love to hear from you guys.

Posted : 25/06/2023 11:24 am
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Posted : 27/06/2023 9:29 pm
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what do u mean by suffered the effects of hard mewing?

Posted : 09/07/2023 2:02 pm
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new upload on the WBB youtube channel on how to reverse the effects of hard mewing -

Posted : 16/07/2023 2:44 pm
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I disagree with the notion that certain people have made themselves worse via "hard mewing" assuming that they have focused on the entire hard palate + the anterior portion of the soft palate and gone about the process in a symmetrical  manner (and anyone that has done anything else, such as focusing largely or only on the "soft palate", has clearly not done the slightest research into mewing. That is not "mewing"). And the impression I get, is that some people that have gone about the process in just this way (in a good way that is), and have gotten growth and change from it, still believe that they have made themselves worse. That is what I think is not actually the case. I think they just have reached a point in the process where certain things have improved aesthetically, while other things have taken a hit, while they at large are on the right track and just need to stick to the process. See this comment of mine in this thread where I talk about my own mewing experience, where this was the case:

And when it comes to "hard mewing" and whether it is "bad" or not, I want to share some thoughts on this topic. First of all, you can only "hard mew" so much. No one will ever actually apply high pressure against the roof of the mouth for more than half a minute or so at a time. And you can only do that for a certain amount of times spread out during each hour of the day. The tongue gets fatigued quickly. It is certainly not like you can apply high pressure during hour after hour, let alone during minute after minute. When a person applies pressure during the majority of the day, it will mostly consist of light and moderate pressure. It is literally physically impossible to "hard mew" so much that it will constitute the majority of your "mewing" or anything remotely near it. And I should know this better than anyone, because I went extremely hard with the tongue training and the mewig process. I got my tongue very strong, and quickly. I often made my tongue muscle burn with fatigue.

So anyone that thinks that mewing with high pressure during a large portion of the day is something a person can do, is wrong. That is like thinking that you can do 15000 pull ups a day, just because from a time standpoint, it is possible. Sure, but from a physical standpoint it is not. You may realistically be able to do at most 300 pull ups in total during a day (and if you do that during a day, you will most likely not be able to do 300 the next day, and so on and so forth). And you will have to spread them out during the days (and even during the week) to rest your muscles and recover. Same thing goes for the tongue; same thing goes for "hard mewing". I am making this analogy to pull ups to make people understand that there is no such thing as "hard mewing" even remotely more than like a total of 1 hour or so a day. Because what you do for the majority of the day when you intend to go "all in" with the tongue, will be light and moderate pressure. Anything but that is not possible. So this phrase "hard mewing" is kind of misleading with regards to how people seem to use it. They should just call it "mewing with added upwards pressure of varying amounts" or something. Because that is always what it will be the case.

Moreover, when a person with underdevelopment of his/her jaws and skull grow and/or change via mixing in as much "hard mewing" as they can in the mewing process, then it is first and foremost a matter of growth and change being achieved via the body responding to stimuli that is being provided by the tongue. The process is a highly physiological one, and the growth and change will to a very high degree tend to "make sense" and to be symmetrical, just like when humans grow and/or remodel tissue via natural means in general. This is entirely different from for example expansion achieved via MSE/Marpe, a process that is highly unnatural and invasive, and that is plagued with asymmetry issues.

I have yet to see evidence of growth and change achieved via "hard mewing" resulting in something worse with regards to skull and jaw development. So I am not even sure that "hard mewing" done poorly can result in something noticeably bad. Because as mentioned above, when growth and change is achieved via the tongue, it is largely a matter of the body responding to stimuli being provided from the tongue. It is a matter of a highly physiological process where the responses from the body typically tend to "make sense". That is how humans grow tissue in general via a physiological process. It tends to be symmetrical and healthy. But sure, some people may not like the wider and more bloated looking face initially..

These people, just like I did when I started questioning the process a bit, need to stay the course to get a more harmonious outcome further into the process. That was my own outcome. I freaked out a bit in the beginning of the process after I had acquired a lot of growth and change, just like many others have, but I stuck to the process and it eventually paid off big time. Not that I was not benefiting all along though, because I sure was getting benefits from the very start even though initially certain things got better, while other things got worse, from an aesthetic standpoint. From a health standpoint I was making nothing but major gains all along. I wrote in length about my experience in the comment that I referred and linked to above.

Posted : 26/07/2023 7:59 am
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