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How does one reverse their hard mewing results in adulthood?

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Before I start, 



I just prefer to keep images anonymous for now. 


I basically am 28 years old and did hard mewing for 8-9 months religiously including chin tucks as well. I everything correctly so what essentially happened was that my mid section of my face became wider. I technically had no reason to do this as my face was already defined with a very strong jaw and low-set cheekbones, but for some absurd reason I was convinced if I did hard mewing my cheekbones could be shifted to high set instead. The reality now is that I have a wider face through palate expansion (not in a good way) with less definition on my jawline and cheekbones. It is an absolute nightmare so I want to reverse my results.  


If anyone has any suggestions please let me know and please no answers to help me cope that its better this way or that, etc. It looks horrendous and I cannot accept it. 

Posted : 30/12/2022 11:47 pm
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Posted : 31/12/2022 6:53 pm
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I would say that it's highly likely the changes you're noticing won't be noticeable to the average person unless you specifically point them out. So don't fret too much over your appearance.

Unfortunately I'm not sure how to reverse these kinds of changes. Start by not hard mewing.


Posted : 31/12/2022 7:57 pm
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Have you been able to find something that works? I’m also trying to find a way to reverse hard mewing. 

Posted : 25/06/2023 2:01 pm
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@deathdiss new upload on the WBB youtube channel on how to reverse the effects of hard mewing -

Posted : 16/07/2023 2:48 pm
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Hello OP.

I was in the very same situation that you were in, pretty much everything that you describe is what I saw (and thoroughly measured, so needless to say I know for a fact that it took place) in myself as well; much wider face, wider zygomatic bones in particular, rounder face, and a bit less defined and more "bloaty" looking face overall. This was about 6-7 months into the process and at a state where I had acquired a whole lot of growth, in a surprisingly fast time period. So I started questioning whether what I had done was for the better or not, and whether I was on the right track or not.

Fortunately, I decided to trust the process and stick to it. And I am very happy that I did so. The "rounder face" problem went away as I kept getting more forward growth, and as my soft tissues adapted better. Because as my craniofacial complex first changed, and became more compact, my soft tissues clumped up. Thus the "rounder" and less defined looking face. And this problem was greatly reduced as the process kept on going. Just all around, things kept improving and my face kept getting more harmonious.

I can share evidence with you if you so want to. My recommendation to you would be to stick to the process! You are on the right track, and what you already have achieved, is pretty darn amazing when you think about it. That growth that you have acquired, is fantastic. Now just let the process keep doing its thing, and you are in for a good reward. I can attest to that.

People that warn against the effects from "hard mewing" are most likely in reality just warning about the very positive outcomes people are expected to see if they actually put in the necessary efforts to achieve meaningful results at adult age. And this by the way is not only limited to mewing processes. Many people that have had expansion via MSE/Marpe devices, or even DNA/Homeoblock devices, have complained that they at first do not like their larger faces. It is to a certain degree ironic that they got the very thing they wanted, while thereafter questioning it and at times warning others from trying to achieve it. I will say though, that when it comes to MSE/Marpe expansion, that for sure will never result in something natural looking. I advocate going for the natural process, MSE/Marpe processes will rarely, if ever, result in aesthetic improvements. It is something that I believe only people that have to resort to it, out of health reasons, should consider if their best tongue efforts somehow can not get them meaningful growth/change. An MSE/Marpe process will not result in bones growing and changing in conjunction with each other. The lower arch, just to name one thing, will needless to say not adapt as the maxilla widens. As a result, some people that have used MSE/Marpe expanders on themselves have complained and said that what they ended up with, was a so called "balloon face", with wide zygomatic bones, but other portions of the face that simply are not in harmony with the wider maxilla.

In my own process, my mandible indeed widened with my growing maxilla, and so in fact did my forehead as well to a certain degree. And I would not be surprised if this was the outcome for OP as well (the natural process for sure is very powerful, and that is very fortunate for adults such as myself and OP; I started at about the same age as OP). I for sure advocate going for the natural tongue process, and if you stick to it you should be greatly rewarded in the end. But just as OP (and myself) have experienced, not everything will be great right away, certain things may initially take a bit of an aesthetic hit, while other things improve aesthetically, while you still at large are moving in the right direction. A few years later, or even sooner, you should be ending up with a more harmonious and better looking face compared to what you currently possess. Just trust in the process. The fact that you already have been able to change so much is a good indicator that you most likely can keep changing even more, just like I did myself.

So the last thing you want to do is to stop where you currently are at. You want to keep going, to get more benefits and to get a more harmonious looking face.

Edit: I share some more opinions on the matter in my comment within this thread:

Posted : 21/07/2023 5:26 am
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