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Left AIC / Right BC / Right TMCC pattern: new find

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Well it's not so new now but I haven't found this mentionned on this community. 

It might be another piece of the puzzle (or another "classification" and new sense of already known symptoms associated with bad posture, TMJ problems, bad development and all that).


These terminologies mean "Left Anterior Interior Chain / Right Brachial Chain / Right Temporo-Mandibular Cervical Chain"

I will link 3 short and clear videos explaining what these are and how they are related as chain compensatory patterns commonly found in people. It starts close to your feet in your hips, propagates through the ribcage, and ends up affecting your neck, jaw and skull.

Basically as a short summary, I will not go into the proposed cause for all this (some videos talk about it on his channel), but because of weaknesses and bad habits, you end up with a twisted pelvis.

So, the pelvis twists usually to the RIGHT (left AIC pattern), making your hips face right, more weight on your right foot, so ribcage faces right in neutral position as well; however body compensates to face in front by rotating the ribcage LEFT (right BC pattern), it ends up making the left shoulder positionned higher than the right shoulder, so your neck now need to flex on the LEFT side to be straight compared to the ground and even has to rotate to the left as well (right TMCC pattern).

This chain of compensatory patterns end you up with some muscles permanently shortened and tight, and some other elongated and not used. It will impend your breathing capabilities as well as movements, tighten some neck muscles and limiting mobility of your jaw. 

You should watch these 3 videos, maybe you will recognize yourself: left AIC right BC right TMCC


It was surprising to actually recognize myself into them, gathering together and making sense all in one package of many of my weird symptoms that I had and noticed first when my problems began many years ago. 

I had more pain in right side of jaw, my right side is "flatter" and less formed, more tensions on the right, PINCHED nerves on the right, tinnitus, hyperacusis, lack of freedom of my jaw...

It might be why after all these years I still don't feel totally cured, with still some lack of freedom weird pulling feeling in my jaw, difficulties walking without pain and tensions...

This guy has also an article with photos 3 years appart, and it shows how more symetrical his face has become after correcting these tilts. 

Any other people in the same situation ?

Btw, is there a discord community or smth with still some people active on it ?

Posted : 17/06/2023 4:38 pm
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