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My palate expansion journey

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Hello everyone.

I am starting this topic in order to share as well as document my palate expansion journey. I know that the forum is pretty much dead ,however, i still believe that documenting the entire process will be of value.

I am doing self-treatment with the biobloc stage 1 palate expander. AND YES I UNDERSTAND THE RISKS INVOLVED AND I AM PREPARED TO FACE THEM. I have ordered the expander from bracesshop and it will be arriving in about half a month from now. I am 17 and my current intermolar width is 32mm, I know that such small number is hard to believe but i have measured it using a professional caliper but i will also measure it again when the dental cast arrives. Btw even with such small number i have perfectly straight teeth. So does everyone in my close family. I do also have a mild to moderate assymetry in my left face that i hope will be fixed from the expander.

I will be expanding in a semi-rapid rate, the one that dr.Mew suggests (1mm per week) to clarify i will be turning the screw (0.2mm) every 34 hours which comes out to 1mm per week.

I will be documenting all the changes that i am seeing, whether they are facial, dental, etc. , as well as any sort of discomfort, improvement in breathing and so on. Now when it comes to posting pictures, i dont know yet. I will post pictures of my palate before and after treatment but i dont know yet whether or not i will post my face. I guess we will see at the end of the expansion.

 I am open to any questions and proposals you may have.


Posted : 27/02/2024 8:34 am
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I have still to get the appliance but it should be here in a week or two. They have shipped it. The whole procudure is way too slow. In the meantime i believe that i have figured a way to reshape the expander during the expansion to allow for the maxilla to drop. I will try heating the acrylic with a hair drier, weakening the acrylic and hopefully making it reshape.

Posted : 21/03/2024 4:41 pm
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Update 1: I have received the appliance. It fits perfectly although it prevents me from having perfect inclusion. I expander 0.2mm just to test the appliance and I put it on. Immediately after I put it on after about 30 minutes I saw a slight gap between my 2 front teeth. This is great new because it means that my suture is wide open. I am so lucky. However after taking it off for a minute or two that gap closes again. Lol. I also noticed that after taking it off I would breath with more difficulty although that went away after a while. I am exited for the upcoming changes and I will keep you updated

Posted : 03/04/2024 11:57 am
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