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Myobrace - sizing and use

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Hi all

I am looking to expand the 'front' of my dental arch. My rear molars are very wide (I have not measured but they are wider than any most I have seen) but my arch is in more of a V shape and so my first molar width is actually only around 40mm. 

Therefore I was wondering whether anyone has any experience with the 'T' series of Myobrace. Although they are designed for use by teenagers, as far as I can tell size 7 on this link (     [ pg.9]) is larger than the A3 large adult model which I already own. They also seem to have a special insert focusing on expansion. 

Has anyone tried this model? is it superior to the adult model for expansion of the dental arch? 


Thanks in advance for any responses! 


Posted : 15/12/2019 4:57 pm
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Hi all

A quick update to anyone with the same queries - I am going to try and order the size 7 and will report back with any differences I feel between that and the adult one I own currently.

Posted : 26/12/2019 10:31 pm
Apollo and Apollo reacted
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Hello again


My size 7 T3 has just arrived. I have yet to use it overnight, but so far the things I note are:

- Although the main plastic material is far softer than that of the adult version (A3), the solid plastic insert makes this myobrace (T3) far more rigid laterally.

- I am unsure whether it is my imagination, but I feel the T3 features a more generous arch, the A3 - at least to my eyes - has a more elongated arch which doesn't have quite as steep a curve.

- On inserting into the mouth, the pressure I feel when using the T3 feels entirely on the insides of the arch, whereas on using the A3 I feel pressure evenly on both the inside and outside of the teeth. However, please do note that the T3 is, as far as I can tell, the equivalent of one stage earlier than the A3 (and thus as mentioned above is a softer plastic for the main body) so this may explain the difference in tooth pressure.

- the inner guides (the part which contact the insides of the teeth) are far shorter on the T3 and thus do not cause any discomfort, which I felt on my gums whenever using the A3

- The T3, as explained in the brochure I linked in an above post, has grooves which align individual teeth. Whether this is a benefit or a detriment to it's effectiveness versus the A3 which does not have this feature I am unsure.

I have attached  some photos which I hope will shed some light on the apparent differences between the two models. I will of course begin using this model overnight and report back with any findings.


As a final note, I will say that this model  to does seem to focus more on expansion as is promised in the dynamic core literature on their site... Perhaps models with this feature will better serve our purposes?

Any questions, feel free to drop a comment and I will try and answer! Apologies for the long post, but hopefully it helps inform purchases so that others do not need to purchase multiple models.

IMG 20200114 193101
IMG 20200114 193022
IMG 20200114 192938
IMG 20200114 192950
IMG 20200114 192856
IMG 20200114 192916
IMG 20200114 193430
IMG 20200114 193200
IMG 20200114 193337
IMG 20200114 193119
Posted : 14/01/2020 4:06 pm
Apollo, ShaktiOm, PaperBag and 3 people reacted
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Thanks for sharing this information. I just started using an off-brand myobrace from Amazon a few weeks ago. From the research I've done it is about the same size as the adult medium myobrace. It comes with a soft and a hard model, equivalent to the A2 and A3. I am wearing the soft version right now. I was going to try and wear  the hard version for about an hour a day, but it felt like the tongue tag was slicing into my tongue whenever I did a tongue sweep.

This is the brace I am currently using...

I have had a very good experience with the soft one so far, but I just ordered the official A2 large myobrace to get more of that feeling of expansion as well as greater pressure to align my inward tipping molars. I am definitely interested to hear what your experience is like with the T-model versus the Adult version.

A few questions...

How long have you been wearing the A3 model?

Did you go straight to the A3 or did you wear the A2 first?

Did you have any experiences like mine while doing the tongue sweep? I have read that the A3 does not have a tongue tag, but in your picture it looks like there is one.

Has the brace created any expansion or upper arch/palatal remodeling as of yet?

Thanks again!

Posted : 14/01/2020 6:33 pm
Zaco98 and Zaco98 reacted
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Hi Shakti

How long have you been wearing the A3 model?

I have been using it on and off for the last 3 months.

Did you go straight to the A3 or did you wear the A2 first?

I went straight to the A3 - I think unless you have more major issues in terms of teeth straightness you might be better served going straight to the phase 3, as to my understanding the softer lower stages are for conforming around more major malocclusions.

Did you have any experiences like mine while doing the tongue sweep? I have read that the A3 does not have a tongue tag, but in your picture it looks like there is one.

I didn't, no. I did have some issues with it pinching / pushing on the gum line which was painful. I have heard of others filing/cutting their myobrace as required to remove areas which are causing issues - perhaps you could try this?

I believe it does have a tongue tag, but it is hollow. I think the earlier stages have solid strips of plastic - the T3 has a solid piece.

Has the brace created any expansion or upper arch/palatal remodeling as of yet?

The A3 has not - it has done a lot to help straighten my teeth (I had very minor malocclusions after having braces but not using a retainer). My dental arches are fairly wide, so if anything I would say the A3 may have even slightly decreased the rear of my arch, in favour of widening my front teeth if this makes sense. Therefore I would say the net effect is no expansion, but a slightly more favourable arch.

I have yet to experiment with this 'Dynamic core' touted as an expanding force, however I think myobraces, unless sized up accordingly (i.e. using one slightly too big until the arch develops to match it) will do little to expand to any great degree.

It may be worth looking into Dental Activators, which are available in a wider array of sizes - some far larger than the myobrace. They work on a similar premise, but seem to have a wider sizing range.


As someone with little experience in these things, I would recommend you go straight for an large A3 (or perhaps a T3 size 7) if you think you will be able to close your teeth around them. Going for the 'correct' size for your current arch will do nothing to force expansion as far as I am aware. As above I think the only way these can help in expanding the arch is by using one small enough that the teeth can fit around the appliance, but large enough to still have room to grow into.

I hope this is of some help!

Posted : 14/01/2020 8:52 pm
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I used a large A2 and A3 but felt that they were too narrow for me. The largest generic splint activator I could get turned out to be about the same intermolar width but seemed to have a slightly wider intercanine width. From the pictures, your T3 doesn't look markedly bigger than the large A3, but maybe it is a little wider at the canine level like my generic splint activator.

Posted : 14/01/2020 8:57 pm
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Thank you for the detailed response. My opinion after only a few weeks of using the soft Cool&Fresh model, is that phase 2 may be an important step in the process before moving on to phase 3. The myobrace website indicates that phase 2 focuses on arch development and phase 3 is for dental alignment. I'm wondering if the softer material of the A2 model may provide more optimal conditions for this to occur?

The biggest thing I have noticed so far is the incredible intra-oral vacuum that my soft brace creates. This is intensified by engaging the back posterior third of the tongue along with an appropriate tongue sweep. With each additional tongue sweep the vacuum intensifies. The brace suctions its self to my teeth and all of the soft tissue inside of my oral cavity gets pulled into this vacuum. The feeling that this creates in my upper arch makes me think that it may be important in encouraging proper arch formation. In the short period I tried to wear the hard model I found it it was not as easy to create and maintain this effect. But it's possible that the it can be achieved with the hard model and I just have not used it enough yet. Have you experienced anything like this Zaco? @Apollo ?

I also think that it might be important to start with phase 2 in order to create optimal tongue posture and swallow function, and if the person has a good deal of asymmetry as I do. The right side of my upper palate is lower than the left side so that my tongue pushes on that side more, but when I swallow the force of the swallow goes mostly to the left side of my throat and mouth. This has actually improved a lot in just the few weeks of using the brace. This is due to the brace forcing my tongue and swallow into alignment along with the strong intra oral vacuum which makes proper swallow function much easier. When wearing the brace my facial muscles completely disengage when swallowing, something I have had a hard time doing in the past. This improvement is transferring over to when I am not wearing the brace as well, although it is not optimal yet. Again all of this may be possible as well with the hard model as I get more experience with it.

It is interesting that the T3 model combines rigidity and softness. This might be the perfect combination.

Other observations so far...

-Improvement in jaw deviation
-Increased frequency of popping/ cracking sounds in facial/skull bone sutures and palatal soft tissue.
-A more balanced feeling of pressure in face and skull when “hard mewing” and chin tucking with brace on during the day.
-Sleeping better at night due to better breathing and not worrying about tongue posture or clenching. My tongue does stay up on the roof of my mouth at night when I'm sleeping with the brace on.

- One negative is that my tongue posture can feel a bit uncomfortable when wearing the brace during the day due to my tongue pushing against the inside of the brace.

Perhaps I'm being over optimistic, but so far I feel like the myobrace is an excellent tool to encourage proper oral function and facial/oral remodeling. I am looking forward to trying out the A2 large and if that works out eventually transitioning to the A3 or T3 model. Zaco I do agree with your thoughts on expansion. I am lucky in a sense that my IMW is small enough that the large size myobrace or the size seven T model may help to expand my palate or at least fix the inward tipping of my molars.

Posted : 15/01/2020 10:50 am
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Following up on my previous post…

I received the large A2 and have been using it the past several days. It is much larger than the Cool & Fresh model I was using and so far it has been a pretty grueling process trying to get used to it. The pain around my gum line was almost unbearable at first. I could only wear it for 20 or 30 minutes. A couple days later that started to ease up some but then my tongue was getting beat up along the sides where it hit the back of the brace. It was basically rubbing against the brace every time I tried to do a tongue sweep and swallow. Today has been better as I realized that I needed to keep the back posterior third of my tongue as still as possible up on the soft palate. After that I let the front half of the tongue do most of the work to gather the saliva and then swallow. It's possible that this process could be the myobrace actually forcing me to do the tongue sweep correctly.

So far I am not getting as much of the suction/vacuum effect that I did with Cool and Fresh, but I think the reason could be that I am not fully sinking my bottom teeth into the brace. I can force it, but it is too painful to do so right now. It does feel like the large size might be a little too big for my mouth, but I think if I can handle it, this should only aid in my expansion efforts. To speed up the process I went ahead and ordered the A1 as well. Hopefully I can handle wearing the A1 while I sleep, and wear the A2 for a few hours during the day.

After this experience I can say that whether or not someone can start out with the A3 really depends on both how big the brace is for the mouth and the amount of malocclusion they have. As I mentioned above, another important point could be how functional the person is with their tongue sweep and swallow. A softer brace may more conducive in getting rid of bad habits.

For those interested I am attaching a couple pictures comparing the Cool & Fresh to the large size A2 myobrace. I actually appreciate the more streamlined design of the Cool & Fresh. It seems like they could get rid of some of the bulk on the myobrace but that design may serve a purpose. My IMW is around 34/35 mm and the cool and fresh fits me just right, so for me not necessarily great for aggressive expansion. I like it a lot though, and is a good brace if it fits your purposes.  I can’t say for sure how the myobrace medium  compares to the cool and fresh.  From the pictures and measurements I have seen, they  are similar in size, but the myobrace medium  may have a larger arch formation. 

IMG 0141
IMG 0139
Posted : 19/01/2020 8:44 pm
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Posted by: @shakti_om

The pain around my gum line was almost unbearable at first. I could only wear it for 20 or 30 minutes.

Somewhere on the forum, I posted about the process I used to make "comfort adjustments" to the "lip bumpers" on my myobrace to stop it from causing ulcers on my gums. Basically, I used a dremmel tool to symmetrically file down the inflection points along the ridge of the "lip bumper" above my canines where it was rubbing. I also linked to a myobrace slide presentation that mentioned such adjustments.

Posted : 19/01/2020 10:06 pm
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When I was researching the brace I read through a lot of your posts and remember you talking about that.

Found it here...

What kind of attachment did you use? Would something like this work?

Before I make any adjustments like that I'm going to try and get used to it. It has already gotten a lot better.

Once I get up to the A3 or T3 I may want to cut off the tongue tag. Did you doing anything like this?

Posted : 20/01/2020 10:54 am
Posts: 1739


I used a grinding stone bit, but one of the sanding wheels like you linked would probably also work. I have buccal exostosis, which made the rubbing and irritation to my gums worse. You might not need to make any adjustments if it isn't ulcerating your gingiva. The A3 has a hollow tongue tag, which made correct tongue posture easier for me than the tongue tag on the A2. So I never removed the tongue tags, but others have. 

Posted : 20/01/2020 3:17 pm
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@zaco98 Can you please tell me where you ordered the myobrace T3? I need to get one for my daughter.

Posted : 19/09/2020 9:48 pm
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Can someone tell me where I can order myobrace online please? Thanks.

Posted : 19/09/2020 9:50 pm
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Hi mate - ordered mine from AliExpress -  

Any questions let me know and I will try and answer as best I can!

Posted : 21/09/2020 1:01 pm
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I need help deciding what size myobrace I need. I ordered the brand name large from Ali express. But it definitely feels big. How do I measure and what should the measurements be? 

Posted : 13/12/2023 8:23 pm
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Posted by: @adventurewithred

I need help deciding what size myobrace I need. I ordered the brand name large from Ali express. But it definitely feels big. How do I measure and what should the measurements be? 


What rigidity level did you order? The softer material will bend to conform to the shape of your dental arches easier. Ideally you want the myobrace channels to be slightly wider than your dental arches. To measure this you could find your intermolar width as the distance between the lingual sides of your upper first molars and then find the distance between the inner walls of the upper channel on the myobrace at approximately the level of where your first molars sit. To get a rough idea, you can just visually compare in a mirror the width of your dental arch to the myobrace with it in your mouth separated from your teeth. Unless you have a very narrow palate, the adult large is probably right for you. It was too small for me even before my expansion.


Posted : 13/12/2023 10:20 pm
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@zaco98 where did you order this myobrace A3 and the T3 one from?

Posted : 28/02/2024 12:32 am
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