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OMC i would saay is most imporant for results.

also balding is heavily influenced by mewing... and upper palate and appliances...

Posted : 31/05/2022 1:44 am
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Posted by: @rockyp33

OMC i would saay is most imporant for results.

also balding is heavily influenced by mewing... and upper palate and appliances...

I will try open mouth chewing and see if anything comes of it, but I don't ever remember reading that as a theory, other than maybe when chewing gum (which seems more mechanical than food). Is that supposedly only for fixing non-ideal growth or also an explanation for why some people look good? I'd love to hear your personal experience with it. On the other hand, if you mean to include the latter, there is the undeniable fact that some babies look better than others at birth and continue to do so throughout the months where they don't chew anything and where environmental factors are minimal, which seems to be a fact no one wants to acknowledge.


Posted : 31/05/2022 3:39 am
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There are old posts by @allixa advocating open mouth chewing. I can't remember if Dr. Mew ever responded to his questions about it in one of the Q&A videos.

Posted : 01/06/2022 3:22 pm
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@crimsonchin I would say i completley change my mind on it. closed mouth chewing. aka mainly just chewing with a lip seal. keep it natural.

@apollo and then also not chewing everyday. chewing really hard gum a couple days a week for short period is my theory.

as we know intensity causes muscle growth. But the higher intensity the less time you can train. For example sprinting. doing 2-4 20-30 second sprints a couple days a week transforms your body. 

low intensity training can yield same results but guess what. that causes wear and tear on joints. 

Everytime ive chewed a lot. my TMJ flares up after a couple weeks.

Now my plan is chew stronger gum. very infrequently. at most a couple days a week. and not for over 20 minutes. maybe even just 5-10. similar philosophy

Posted : 15/03/2023 11:13 pm
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i went bald for appliance that barely expanded upper palate and for the most part just tilted teeth to accomdate lower jaw. 

my state of health was horrible due to that plus narcissistic abuse and covid isolation. 

then i learned that changing jaw can alter blood flow. definitley heavily influenced my balding. i miss my old hair.

but most importanly my friend

BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST HES THE ONLY WAAY TO HEAVEN. i got saved a bit ago. all the pain was worth it.

Posted : 15/03/2023 11:15 pm
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@rockyp33 hey man can you give us an update about your hard chewing?? I also believe in Mike Mentzer philosophy, but I wanted to know what results did you obtain from chewing hard gum? Can you sleep at night with mouth closed? What benefits are you reaping from this hard chewing?

Posted : 23/10/2023 12:18 pm
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