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Palatal expander with Surgically assisted Suture split

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Has anyone tried or heard of using a Palatal expander in conjunction with a cortictomy or piezzo suture split?

I have been expanding my pallet as a 29 year old male with a Schwartz removable expander, I’m concerned whether I’m getting all potentially harmful dental movement with no actual skeleton expansion. I’m considering MSE but was curious if I could simply borrow its use of surgically assisted suture split with my current expander. 

Any thoughts or reccomendations are welcome. Thank you. 


Posted : 09/04/2023 7:32 pm
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I highly recommend that you stop using the Schwartz 3 way expander immediately. I have used that same one for a year and have only heard of the negative side effects recently which include only teeth tipping achieved, and potential dmg to the aviolar bone. I believe this is mentioned in a jaw hacks video as well but I cannot recall which one talks about the dangers of removable expanders. 


I am in a similar situation as you and actually just got a consultation to get mse treatment. Certain practitioners use a method to gaurentee the suture split by surgically cutting the midline of the pallete which which should be helpful to your specific case.

Posted : 12/06/2023 1:31 pm
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