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Palate Expander: How much should i expand?

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Hello, my friends!

Im new to the forum but readed many threads and i would really appreaciate your help!

Im a 19 year old boy (freshly had birthday) and i want to expand my palate on my own.

my palate is not ultra narrow but when i put my whole tongue on the roof of my mouth it has marks on the left and right and i cant breath well.

I haved purchased this one:Palatal Expander (RPE) | Palatal Expanders |

i readed many articles and studies that non surgical rapid maxilla expansion is possible in young adults

But now the question. How much should i expand? so when should i stop expansion and only let it in my mouth? 

I dont want to expand too much so that i get problems when this is possible ?

Im open to your answers


Posted : 21/06/2021 12:31 am
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Its depends on your intermolar width. What is your intermolar width.

Posted : 31/12/2021 7:50 am
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Hello, im 22 male with 28 teeth overall, i guess no wisdom teeth...

i just made i post wanting to buy this product called RPE from the website you mentioned but idk if it works or not ?

My post:

The RPE expander from Bracesshop:

I see its been 2 years from this post?

  1. Did it work for you?
  2. Did you do it with an orthodontist or self treatment?
  3. If self treatment after you used their impression kit and got the custom product How did you connect it to the palate? Dont you need to glue/cement it?
Posted : 14/07/2023 11:06 am
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