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Please help, need advice on underbite

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Okay, here's the story.


I discovered mewing at 18 years old, freshman in college. I had a recessed chin and always walked around jutting my jaw forward to make myself look normal. After researching mewing, I became a dedicated mewer, 24/7. I have no doubt this stuff works, within 2 years I looked significantly different and for the better. And I mean significant changes: cheekbones rose upward, maxila came forward, my bite was normal and teeth in alignment. Fast forward to covid era, sometime during 2021 I developed a tick due to mask wearing wear I'd break lip and my jaw would violently lurch forward. Interestingly enough I would maintain full tongue posture including posterior third but my mouth and teeth would serperate my and lower jaw would violently lurch. 2021 was a rough year for me and this became my mewing norm. What's fascinating is it severly had negative impacts on my face. My cheeck bones are noticably lower, and maxila recessed (when I smile I can see my gums. At peak proper mewing, I could not see my gums and could see 7 teeth on each side) and gave me an underbite. What's more, an observation I've noticed is that when I open my mouth wide I cannot see my uvula. It's a damn shame to see all this progress undone and ironically given me a completely different probelem than what led me to mew in the first place. Way back when I'd have to jut my jaw forward, not I have the opposite problem: I literally cannot jut my jaw forward, it's almost as if this mewing tick grew my jaw but left my maxilla behind. I really only pinpoint all this this week and have gone back to the basics: tongue on roof of mouth lips sealed, teeth together ( the back ones, the front is obviously misaligned). I KNOW this stuff works, I saw the changes, and not just me, I had people comment on it. My questions is this: if I revert back to proper mewing, regain those basics and move forward with dedication can I undo the damage I have created for myself? It's hard to remember when I started down this path of improper mewing but by my estimates I'd say 2.5 years after ~2/2.5 years of proper mewing. It's a damn shame really, but I'm trying to remain optimistic. I've developed severe anxiety and depression due to this and quite honestly it was derailed my once positive and cheery personality. On theory, I assume proper mewing will force my maxilla to catch up with my jaw but I'm thinking out of my ass on this one. Any response, advice, comments or questions would be greatly appreciated and to anyone who is a doubting thomas on this mewing material know this: proper mewing works, it absolutely does. Cheers everyone and I look forward to a hopefully productive conversation. 

Posted : 23/05/2023 9:43 pm
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