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Teeth lifting?

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First Time posting on here. I haven't seen this discussed on here or heard anything from Mike Mew so hopefully this will be helpful to many here. I'm a mid 20s male, with a poorly developed maxilla, and retracted mandible.Like many here I looked pretty good as a child, but around 17 or 18 my sinuses became permanently congested.The went to the doctor many times and gave up on the medical establishment after never being helped, and never finding any improvement. Finally changed my diet and found improvement at around 22.unfortunately in these years of mouth breathing i had one lower wisdom tooth impacted, and not knowing any better had them all pulled as the "professionals" know what they're taking about.I am interested in forward growth primarily, but also have a pretty narrow molar width, crowding in upper and lower teeth.I saw this tooth lifting bit several months ago, and just made one of my own and have been using it most nights for the last few weeks. Mine is actually cut out kind of like a mouth guard except I cut out the front, so my front 2 teeth aren't making contact with the leather.This also always me to keep my tongue against my palate.Rather than hanging weight from it, I hooked up a cable lifting attachment, and a pulley so I can sit upright, get forward and upward forces, and read.If I have the time to hold 10 lbs for an hour, I can feel crazy separation. After I stop I even feel the sutures closing back up and pushing my tongue back towards my throat.Im interested in getting an expander, but worried about potential problems I've read about on here. Not sure if I couldn't get a Schwartz expander to hold sutures open, and just sleep with it in? Not any orthodontists in my area that are interested in actually solving problems.I will have more freedom to travel next year...

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Posted : 14/05/2023 1:11 pm
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