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[Sticky] Top Topics and Effortposts

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This list is not an endorsement of the viewpoints in the following threads. This is simply a list of threads with great discussion and posts with high effort. If you are new to the forum, these are a great place to start

Here is why MSE+FM doesn't and won't produce much forward movement in adults - ThaGangsta

Elements of Smile Aesthetics and Craniofacial Dystrophy - Apollo

Jaws: Masseter pattern vs Temporal pattern - Progress

Let's all argue about whether MSE is better than DNA - Greyham

Frequent low tension facepulling: A potentially effective new technique for adjusting the skull by hand - Allixa

As of March 25, This list is terribly incomplete, it was made from a quick scan of topics currently on page one of the forum.

More will be added, any suggestions are welcome below. If you put effort into any particular post or you know a thread that was of significant value to you then it should go on the list and get more attention.


Posted : 26/03/2021 3:56 am
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Posts: 393
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Compiled list of all the most active / highest viewed topics on the forum:

Top Topics and Effortposts - TGW


Clenching impacting the maxilla, causing the jaw to swing forward (Bill Hang) - cliffbars

On facial exercises and massage/stretching to fix receding chin - misseruvi

It's been many years, as of 2021 what is currently the best ways to move maxilla forward? - Le_Fort_or_Bust

Proper techniques to keep lips sealed? - paradise

Short faces: weak projection, minimal growth - EddieMoney

Mewing ruined my face - HELP - cristiang09_

Buying a dental appliance straight from a lab - Tryagain

Fixed Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (FAGGA) - Holy Grail? Gonial angle change, maxilla movement forwards and palate widening. Without surgery. - Le_Fort_or_Bust

Important information on tongue posture, body posture, and effort required - TGW

Here is why MSE+FM doesn't and won't produce much forward movement in adults - ThaGangsta

Maxillary upswing - Throwaway666

New to mewing - questions about therapy & previous treatments - Celestine

24f, years of TMD with no improvement. Agga or MSE or Surgery? - beesforfrees

What are the pros and cons of bimax surgery? - FutureModel

MSE Asymmetry and Protraction - Apollo

Elements of Smile Aesthetics and Craniofacial Dystrophy - Apollo

How many turns/day for MSE in June 2020? Seems like the advice has changed - Is it just 1/day now? When did this new info come out? - MagnumOpus

So, my Torus Palatinus is disappearing. My thoughts, speculations and excitement. - krollic

What Goes Wrong in Growth and How Can an Adult Fix it - ThaGangsta

Does anyone take k2 supplements and have they gotten results - mewisit

Possible Ear Rearrangement - Skull

Can anyone provide Dr. Moon's email? Need MSE provider in Dallas area. - dabah2014

Hello I am A Dentist and I need help - Alexas

Jaws: Masseter pattern vs Temporal pattern - Progress

CBD oil and bone growth - Lian

Gather questions for DNA appliance - darkindigo

Loosening the sutures/ligaments for quicker results. - Relaxin

Let's all argue about whether MSE is better than DNA - greyham

Maxiallry facepulling but with MAGNETS (IDEA ONLY) - Meowxilla

Breastfeeding and Solid Foods - kate31095

Buccinator atrophy is nonsense & how to get hollow cheeks - Mendelssohn

Mewing with permanent retainer on 6 upper and lower teeth HELP!!! - Drago

Helping my 3 years old child - bakwan

Frequent low tension facepulling: A potentially effective new technique for adjusting the skull by hand - Allixa

Evidence that buccinators doesn't affect hollow cheeks - Loliboly

Masseter affects length, not just width. - sinned

Back third of palate: Pressing or sucking? This is critical for correct posture - Yusu

Why mewing doesn't work - EddieMoney

Proper facial development, aesthetics and phenotype - Abdulrahman

Any experience with MARPE? - SpaceDragon

Why teeth should touch at rest - Lawnmewer

What is the "orthotropic" explanation of partially erupt 2nd mandibular molars, and a deep bite - JawShrunk123

Won Moons MSE (Maxillary Skeletal Expander) Appliance is the best appliance for what we are trying to achieve - FutureModel

Face Pulling - Matt

MSE vs. DNA appliace (which is better) - mewisit

Teeth should NOT be in contact at rest! - alfio

Is this the PROOF that chewing move bones? - Yusu

Gap formed between lower front teeth (Possibly from mewing) - ansenmus

Facial yoga vs Myofunctional therepy - vividmind

A training tool for the posterior third of the tongue - Tatsumi

MSE (Maxillary Skeletal Expander) appliance effects on patients with good bite? Lower jaw? - DrMario

Reversing extractions with invisalign alone - Gravamen

Trying for controlled masseter hypertrophy - need tips from those who tried it - mewerchewer

looking for deep bite fix/tips - Rockyp33

Leaning back in a chair causes bad neck posture (how to fix) - Luce44

Proper way to measure forward growth/projection (measuring method inside)? - Keengo

The maxilla doesn't drop down and back, pushing up doesn't do anything, and "downswung" jaws are just a lack of forward growth. - sinned

Dr. Mike Mew view on "Hard Mewing" and more! - Abdulrahman

Tinnitus from mewing - blessyouall199

Ear: an indicator of successful mewer - Tatsumi

Used DNA appliance, not happy with results, need some advice - JuliusO

Deep Bite Correction By Chewing - rex

Anyone doing what AGGA is doing but with their tongue? - drunkwithcoffee

TGW Progress - cliffbars

2 weeks of manual facepulling, with pictures. - GenerationDoomer

How to "really" move maxilla up and foward? - Meowxilla

Biobloc only worn during the day? - leeds_e04

Jutting mandible forward - does anyone else do this? - PaperBag

CMD?? TMJ pain, clicking & masseter tightness - haesslicherspast

The Lip Seal thread - Progress

Mewing is giving me LSD/Mushroom flashbacks - Darpok

Open Mouth Chewing?! - Amber12

My Chewing Technique for Prominent Cheekbones | What factors I consider while chewing. - Gentleman

Do chisell, jawliner and jawzrsize work? - buria

Myobrace effect and treatment time - Thefire

Some thoughts for people with high/vaulted palate - Aussiemax

The ALF appliance - Fika

Slack jaw = forward growth - EddieMoney

Strengthening tongue by injecting steroids to improve mewing results? - krajk

Blocking airway while mewing? - Chazz

Chin tuck with added force? Chin tuck 2.0? (new theory inside) - Keengo

Getting a square jaw? - EddieMoney

Hard mewing probably never works at all, it's all swallowing(soft mewing) and/or chewing. - auxiliary

Asymmetry: spinal alignment of mandible / maxilla - Progress

Woman suing dentist for irreversible bone loss caused by AGGA treatment - AlphaMinus

Anyone here with fat lips? Mew Last video - lip length - dm222

What happend to Jamo/Neveragain?? - Limbo6

Chewing on incisors vs. chewing on molars - TheThirdHit

How I "expanded" my mandible - EddieMoney

Why MSE (maxillary expansion) won't expand mandible with maxilla? - Le_Fort_or_Bust

My eyes became noticeably smaller during the last period of mewing.I would like some advice. - Dimitrelos300

Possibly new "holy grail" for moving the maxilla up and forwards? [MSE + Facemask Therapy] - FutureModel

How much difference do milimetres of growth make - cassavafiend

Pushing lower jaw out while pushing with the tongue to push the maxilla forward -

Vibration Therapy to accelerate bone growth/formation - Apollo

What is the correct way to chew gum? - All factors - 4WardGrowth

Societal Implications of Craniofacial Dystrophy: Lookism, Attraction, and Gender Relations - TGW

Anxiety/PTSD/Schizophrenia/Psychiatric Illness - darkindigo

What do you guys think of this facepulling method - Goblin_slayer

Bow Appliance - qwerty135

Mewing gave me a high-palate, don't make this mistake. - auxiliary

How to find DNA Appliance practioners? - mbyron11

I'm going to buy a Face Appliance and Palate Expander Online. I thought more of you would have done this!? - faceup

Mewing and eye area changes - Pame

FAGGA questions - qwerty135

Forward Cheekbone Projection process to follow if Already Have Latera Cheekbone Expansion? - AloeVera

How Mewing can Affect, Change, and Fix Your Voice - liamcg

great post found on Reddit! - mr.mewing

Changing canthal tilt/convexity of the eye sockets - MewingForLife

How to find MSE providers? - Fgsfds

Guy installs MSE on himself - Kilroy

What can be done about tipped out molars? -

Myobrace - sizing and use - Zaco98

Skin changes from mewing - Xbiter

teeth together at rest - deep.thought

Anyone have experience with MSE _After_ having LeFort? - Mr_Man

Chewing with molars = Longer face? Should we chew with premolars? - Yusu

Homemade Maxillary Protractor V2.0 - Neigh

Cranial changes by Functional Patterns doers without mewing - noises

Did anyone fix their uneven jaw line by mewing? (Not theories. Only experience) - jujuu

Trying to Correct "Mouth Breather Face" - S4Dboy

What causes browridge growth? - Soulrack

Can adolescent extraction/retraction orthodontics actually cause adult obstructive sleep apnea? - greyham

Deep Breathing effects on the spine and muscles - FPQuestion

Has anyone had successful alleviation of TMD symptoms via FAGGA+braces+tongue-tie release (dentist David Cook, in London, is suggesting this for me) - annaemg

DNA/VIVOS Sydney Practitioners - JeanetteG

Jawliner vs. Jawzrsize vs. Chisell - Flixo

Tough Situation - Toughtimez

To get an idea of how messed up your face is: - Yegor_L

Suction hold & effortless mewing in sleep - ayla mao

Is This The Muscle To Create Hollow Cheeks? - Matt

You have heard of underbites. But have you heard about "middle-bites"? - Loliboly

hey guys mewing doesn't work [sarcasm], age 15-21 before after itt - neveragain

What is the shape of a normal full grown palate? - mac

Do palate expanders cause bite problems? - NotfunnyDidntlaugh

Possible hazards of mewing? - Dibby

will a expander for the upper jaw also over time expand the lower jaw - mewisit

Quad Helix palate expander - NotfunnyDidntlaugh

I'm thinking MMA surgery might be needed in my case. - rgm

Do wisdom teeth removed - Blackmage

Is there a 4th mechanism of adult palate expansion (aside from teeth tipping, alveolar remodeling, and splitting the intermaxillary suture)? - Mr_Man

what's the process to get MSE+FM and where can i get it in england? - MSExFM

Male-pattern baldness and CFD - noises

Topics discussed here has now been covered on the Joe Rogan Experience. - Loliboly

Does anybody else has this problem? - NotfunnyDidntlaugh

Bret Weinstein and Mike Mew Podcast - MongooseMoney

deviated septum = craniofacial meltdown, or vice versa? - Buggy

Chewing, ramus length, and decreasing gonial angle - adcr

I think Mike Mew is wrong about hard vs light forces - sinned

Semi-rapid vs rapid expansion for asymmetry correction - Jaysan

Braces shop expander - cliffbars

Is focusing on "the suture" looking at a tree and missing the forest? (alternate title: Is there such thing as a "non-growing" adult?) - toomer

lifting up posterior third - bigdino1

On fixing potential 'flaring' or tilting of teeth ... - toomer

Tongue Tie Release - dadfa

Recessed or just fat? - HicEstLeoSperbus

should i use a schwarz plate to try expand my lower jaw? - tonguecel

Is there a definitive guide to sleep positions for ideal development? - OkBrah

How to Encourage the Mandibular Arch to Keep Up with Expansion of the Maxillary Arch - Apollo

James Nestor on the Joe Rogan Podcast talking about Jaw Development, Nasal Breathing, Homeoblock etc. - mr-sand-man123

Healthy wisdom teeth extractions. - Ordinary

Mike Mew was right about hard mewing - sinned

Anyone have experience pursuing MSE through University Department of Orthodontics? - Mr_Man

is their a connection between muscle mass and facial developmend - mr.mewing

Could the Vivos DNA potentially be seen as a "mewing aid"? - toomer

Which retainer or applience should i use as handle for facepuller? - nek23

Correct Mewing/Tongue Posture for Overbite Correction - itsj0nny

Ideal facepuller - vitas

Which angle of Facemask Protraction is best with MSE? A detailed discussion - MagnumOpus

How Do You Delete Your Account - _a.deleted.profile

MSE/FM soon, 15 years and 9 months old - travistran

Lip seal and its effect on lip size - Phil343443

Over 1 year in, and I have ONCE AGAIN realized my posterior tongue was NOT deep enough. - drunkwithcoffee

An effective exercise to strengthen the root of the tongue - krollic

Are there any experienced MSE providers near me? - Kendall

Can regular palate expansion have similar results to SARPE? - UwU

Anyone have myobrace experience? - cliffbars

Conclusions after a year and 4 months of reading this forum and practicing mewing - Wellwellwell

Evidence of age-acquired craniofacial dystrophy - Progress

Any advice on how I should mew with my unsymmetrical face? - Oushinuma

Tongue Pressure Asymmetry - bigmanlikemeyeh

Why fast expansion doesn't expand the maxilla - sinned

How do increase Brow projection? - Basim

Is there a risk in over-expanding with a temporarily swollen tongue? - Silver

So I bought the fake Myobrace off Ebay - PolHolmes

Has anyone with a torus palatinus expanded their palate without an appliance? - Silver

Scoliosis correction tips - megamandude

Midface went forward, Mandible? - bulkebro

Teeth size - Jawanomics

Suture split without diastema? - bulkebro

Hard Mewing vs Soft Mewing - a video answer by Mike Mew - TGW

what will happen if you chin tuck 24/7 to keep your head posture right? - mr.mewing

Don't chew gum. Just don't. - aureliusacolyte

Alternative Dental Hygiene and Remineralizing Teeth - Apollo

My overbite is worsening due to mewing - Dominik

Mandible recessed. Maxilla rotation. - Astroskyoffical

Effect of braces and teeth extraction on facial growth? - Aesthetics

Theory: Language and Facial Form - Apollo

The 14+ ways to mew: A comprehensive collection of different techniques. - Loliboly

My experiences with palate expansion so far - UwU

John Mew saying mewing won't work after 25 - Slinky

Getting my Expander (MSE) installed shortly - DrMario

The most advanced case of CFD/correct facial growth is a necessary factor for a normal human life rant. - Johan Liebert

Have you experimented with hard suction? - Progress

18 Months of Progress - Achilles1

Disagreements with Mew - sinned

Mike Mew made a mistake, aboriginals had 40mm IMW, not 50. - auxiliary

This is probably my last question on my adventure - Yusu

Removable expander, metallic taste - elevee

Where to find before-and-after photos of people who chewed mastic or Falim gum? - JTDolan

Getting the posterior third up pushes the mandible back - cobreh

How to fix open mouth when asleep? - FutureModel

Midpalatal suture split - Azrael

Feeling it in the cheekbones when I chew with incisors. - harrykanemaxilla

TGW Community Questions answered by Myofunctional Therapist Sarah Hornsby - TGW

Mewing with Myobrace more efficient than mewing without Myobrace ? - Mangas77

Looking for "Mewers" with good results that are well documented for an interview (which will be shared with Mike Mew, who may comment) - TGW

Tongue Tied!? It Could Be Happening to You!! Grr - Gregory

Y-Plate Newb + Questions - Lilianna56

Can mewing fix a recessed chin? - JFLboyos

Video explaining how maxilla affects your facial attractiveness - Facehacking

Mewing progress chart - Tatsumi

Can you Mew while asleep? - krollic

Is it possible to widen the forehead (frontal bone) - megamandude

Can a Gummy smile/ Long midface be reduced? - Zygos

Dark circles caused by wrong mewing? - x03

Help with what to do [long post] - accnum2

How do intermolar widths translate in case of premolar extractions - justdoit

Reverse mewing = bigger eyes? - Mewingapprentice

Hyoid Bone position and it's effect on tongue position - Abdulrahman

Gum chewing everyday or every two days? - Azrael

Not sure if I'm mewing correctly or efficiently (I have Class 2 Division 2 Malocclusion) - xeuronholder

Mewing (hard mewing) gave me a dorsal hump? - guerrilla

Are there any documented cases of mewing that clearly worked on adults? - Theultimatetruth

Are overbites really common in Britain? - EddieMoney

I want to believe in mewing but I am losing faith - Captain Horatio Hornblower

How recessed are you? How to track progress inside - EddieMoney

Cracking/Popping noise heard every time I swallow. - Mewingworks123

How to mew/chew to correct midline asymmetry? - Azrael

NEW theory about maxilla rotation!! - Couda

Has anyone successfully expanded their lower jaw skeletally? - MagnumOpus

Experienced sensations from (hard-moderate) mewing - Community Lurker

Mewing effecting my nose? - elijahsea

Does a big hooked nose always mean recessed maxilla? - Yusu

PEMF: "Second puberty" for adults? - Greensmoothies

Mewing Effect on Nose - James

Upside down mewing? - Greensmoothies

Show me good forward growth - Hope

Dental Implants and DNA/FAGGA? - sam187

What's the best flavor of falim gum? - Silver

Ramus Length - Yegor_L

"Mike you genius!!!! Thanks, another stone in the wall that we are building here. #mikemew " Sleeping on the floor. - Gregory

Why mandible position is essential in oral posture - EddieMoney

Any good MSE+Facemask specialists in Europe? - Le_Fort_or_Bust

When I mew my submental becomes worse - BennyDufresne

Anyone Here Stopped Wearing Retainers and Saw Relapse even while Mewing? - HappyPanda27

MSE + FM Treatment Protocol - JimmyB

Injured the back of my head from hard mewing, just need some advice - cassavafiend

What is the right device to straighten teeth? - Sceriff

can someone guess how wide is my palate? i tried measuring it myself but i get around 5.5cm so i dont think im doing it right - mrjohnathanwick

Does the ideal maxilla look like it is projecting from the face? - EddieMoney

Good spine & posture improvement devices/techniques? - Keengo

Theoretical Question Regarding MSE + FM - Melius

@tgw why havent you posted any new articles in like two years? - Rockyp33" href="" target="true"> @tgw why havent you posted any new articles in like two years? - Rockyp33

10 years not mewing progress - harrykanemaxilla

Studies and Interesting Links dump - TGW

Mike and John Mew, NEW Q&A NOVEMBER 2019 - TGW

io8hopp - ygiuuiojn

Why chin tuck? - Couda

How to widen mandible after widening Maxilla with MSE? - Le_Fort_or_Bust

Anatomy of Class 3 dentition (mandible ahead of maxilla) - EddieMoney

Mewing and Buteyko CP - ChrYes

Before and After Photos with Won Moon's Maxillary Skeletal Expander with Face Mask? - DrMario

Exercise to fix asymmetries - ShaktiOm

Under eye support - FanaticMind

Interesting bone remodelling study - ayla mao

Expansion equals recession... wait what? (pics) - Progress

I have been applying long sessions of upwards force with my tongue and I am beginning to think that it can be a very bad thing to do too much of and that it possibly even can be bad to do in general. - test151515

What's your intermolar width? - Angelina

What type of palatal expansion devices does Mike Mew use? - Jelly

Is legit? - buria

1cm of midface shortening? - zz37

Adult Jaw Expansion Showdown: AGGA vs DNA Appliance - Spygloblium

How to straighten wisdom teeth if they are currently impacted? And can mewing make your wisdom teeth painful? - MagnumOpus

How to have teeth in contact during sleep? - Loliboly

What are your thoughts on an expander like this? It has no contact with the teeth. - NatureRight

mewing might be causing me breathing problems - kflps

AstroSky vs his brother’s palette - harrykanemaxilla

Ramus - Phil343443

Could someone help explain the tongue sweep to me? I have 2 questions, does anyone feel confident about it? - MagnumOpus

Homeoblock and DNA/Vivos Appliances. Moving teeth through the alveolar bone or true 3D skeletal expansion? - WHCCARDIO

The Reversal of Craniofacial Dystrophy - myofunction

What are the issues with face pulling? - thebigbird

Vitamin K2 importance? Exaggerated? - Keengo

Developing an Overbite and Deep Bite From Mewing - buergermeister

Ronald Ead - AGGA is NOT the Holy Grail - TGW

Palatal expansion vs dental arch expansion - Jelly

Thumb facepulling questionn - User1400

Face Pulling Tutorial - arm4

Anyone bought an Acceledent/Propel VPro+/Orthopulse dupe from these sites? - Jelly

My Custom Maxillary Skeletal Expander (MSE) and after installation - DrMario

Lips seal is the most important.Lips seal is everything and the only(almost) that matters - Dimitrelos300

Frenectomy made things worse. - Kraw109

lip seal - bigdino1

Mewing doesn't work, chewing doesn't work, chin tucking doesn't work, face pulling doesnt work. - sweetprince

Be honest, has mewing really worked for you? - buria

When I chin tuck, my tinnitus changes tone/sounds wierder? - johndoe1225

The downward and forward growth of the adult jaw - EddieMoney

Is it possible to mew with a tongue tie? - Rockyp33

Etiology of tongue/lip tie - zosogg

Tongue ties gone wild - darkindigo

A deviation in my views - TGW

Teeth Contact > Tongue Posture? - Fiver

How is it possible to have a weak chin but no overbite? - Jelly

How is mewing supposed to give you hooded eyes? - Captain Horatio Hornblower

How to grow your mandible + why Ronald Ead's AGGA treatment didn't work as expected - sinned

Nasal Airway Blockage While Mewing - MewCultist

I'm not sure if mewing works anymore - gubbbb

Is there such a thing as a phenotypically long midface? - Captain Horatio Hornblower

high meat for bone growth? - JeanMacDougall

Isolating the masseter muscle - Zaco98

palate expanders - mr.mewing

4 months of mewing progress (changes dont seem too good) - Arpit196

Right side of face is more recessed than left - widepalatebros

Big Lips = Big Maxilla? Arguments against closed mouth chewing - facegettingworseandworse

No increase in intermolar width after 7 months of mewing, where to go from here? - Mewer000

Mastic gum is not what I thought it would be - Givememyjawline

Does masseter hypertrophy only add horizontal width to the jaw or it also gives an illusion of lower gonial angle? - mewerchewer

Great maxilla with weak eye support? how come? - FanaticMind

Am I accidentally hypertrophying my buccinator muscle? - mewerchewer

How Can I Shorten My Midface? - Spade

Thoughts on chewing two pieces of gum one on each side? -

Clockwise maxilla rotation, but counter-clockwise mandibular rotation from chewing? - auxiliary7

Can mewing shorten the face? - Ineedhelp

John Mew: teeth together causes upswing, tongue only widens the maxilla - drunkwithcoffee

DNA Appliance FDA Warning Letter for termination!!! - Wellwellwell

Looking for youtube video of maxilla forward from bruxism - proxarian

"Mewing" is not about pushing - deep.thought

Should I get rid of my fixed retainer - Trappey

Won Moon patients - fixing a maxilla JAMMED UP HIGH - darkindigo

Been mewing for 5 it worth it? - Jawanomics

[Discussion] Why so many young women nowadays with amazing jawlines | forward growth - GreekGodBrody

can mewing help to correct underbite? - lily

The DNA appliance, Holy Grail for sleep apnea? The best palate expander? - FutureModel

Can the effects of extraction orthodontics and retraction headgear be reversed? - paradise

Choosing Doctor for MSE + FM for Class III Bite - Melius

Hard Mew vs Soft Mew + How To Avoid Asymmetrical Face When Starting Mewing - adcr

Maxillary recession = ideal outcome? - EddieMoney

Theory - Chin tucking makes the face longer - 20_year_old_mewing

Subtle clicks, shifts and other sounds in the skull - Progress

Alveolar prognathism - need advice - dm222

Pillows and neck posture - AlphaMinus

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again... - Lian

Lefort 3 osteotomy price? - aRandomMosesAppears

Sleeping position - Joey

High vaulted palate ? - Iub

What Effect Do Your Shoulders Have On Your Face. - Fred

Mostly just feel strong pressure on cheekbones - zz37

Asymmetry in face (after months of mewing) causing many problems and discomfort - Arpit196

hyoid bone position while swallowing and breathing. - mateogon

Personal theory on how mewing effects the mandible - Yegor_L

Not using a knife and fork - Jawanomics

Males look better with slight recession (vertical height increase) - EddieMoney

Jaw jutting to mew properly - EddieMoney

Tongue tip should NOT be on roof of mouth - xDJ

If you are doing 'hard mewing", you will regret it. - NeverGiveup

Would there be a real midface/nose shortening surgrry in the next years ? - Nobody96

when should you not breathe through your nose? - JeanMacDougall

How maxillary height affects the chin (Are you long or short faced?) - EddieMoney

New to mewing, getting superficial information and learning too slowly. How to do hard mewing without exhausting tongue or clenching teeth? Why isn't there a term overmewing and unmewing? - Kolibri

On the topic of maxillary rotation and why the tongue doesn't jam the vomer - sinned

face pulling - bd123

Overbite vs Underbite: the (non)universal importance of the posterior tongue? - Progress

Has anyone changed their sleeping to better facilitate mewing? E.g. floor sleeping, no pillow - Arkey

Mewing after having braces removed - XOF

Can you mew with a Torus palatinus? - mewing20331

Sleeping on side/stomach hindering progress? - gm993

Tongue putting pressure on veins in neck? - Peter

One eye bigger than the other - paradise

Effect of chewing on the mandible - sinned

Chin tucking while mewing or only as excercise? + A few others ive run into 🙂 - LetsIntent

Bad News? Mike Mew and Bill Hang: "Prevention is the only way" - Loliboly

Bone formation in skulls - miroir

ClaimingPower and Neymarjr - Tester

Can mewing reverse an antegonial notch if done correctly? - newuser

Do I Push Up Or Up And Forward On Palate? - johndoe1225

[Serious ] What does this mean? - JFLboyos

yufduyguio - ygiuuiojn

Problem with excess saliva build up when mewing. - SMF

Astro's face pulling tutorial video - ToothMan246

Very impressive maxillary expansion with removeable (?) expander (study) - bundfalke

Alignmed posture shirts - thefoxxy

What causes a recessed mandible? - harrykanemaxilla

Can you widen the mandible - harrykanemaxilla

Do you all feel pressure in your face from mewing/hard mewing? - skinnyboiii

Expanding palate effect on cheekbones -

How to undo the effects of hard mewing - Arpit196

Walking with an extreme chin tuck is the most effective strategy + explanation for why hard mewing seems to be necessary - justdoit

Phenotype and facial development - EddieMoney

Maxillary upswing/counter clockwise rotation - Limbo6

Face pulling - my experience - Euclid

Reforming a deformed palate - darkindigo

Correcting nose bridge with mewing - YeahItsStupid

Are we sure about tongue tip position? - 6MAXIMUS3


Mandibular Growth After Puberty - myofunction

What’s going on - Yoshi21

Us mewers should consider all carnivore diets - Rockyp33

Brazilian oral maxillofacial surgeon on why Mewing doesen't work past 22-23 yo - Mewings

Chewing On Something Besides Gum? - PaperBag

Mewing and Baldness - Achilles1

How to do full body mewing - harrykanemaxilla

A Hard Mewing Thread: Questions to all hard mewers - Loliboly

Maxillary development in a 70 year old is clinically proven - Shell

Why you might be getting a double chin - sinned

Bracesshop hasn't processed my order yet - UglyDuckling

I could not mew successfully until I broke this rule - 135

Sign the Petition! Help Mike Mew - TGW

Stupid bulge under chin when mewing - Retropizza

What are the signs that the sutures are opening? - Sceriff

A Point of Clarification about Palate Vault - Apollo

Posterior Open Bite - (No Molar Contact) - myofunction

Tense jaw / TMJD and Mewing (Need advice) - Processive

Using Psychedelics to Correct Posture (and maybe even bone formation) - Jasreen

What makes the wide jawline look? - Pame

"High-speed jaw-opening exercise in training suprahyoid fast-twitch muscle fibers" - krollic

Epiphany about mewing? For those who struggle hitting the soft palate - GreekGodBrody

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