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Has anyone here experienced genuine "BONE" changes by using mewing, chewing with incisors, molars, or open mouth chewing in their 20s?  

By AE2001, 1 day ago

  Yes, I know that as soon as I mentioned being in my 20s, it's probably a no. But I just wanted to ask for the sake of it. By "bone changes," I mean if the jaw widened, moved forward, had an upswing, o...
Germany trains  

By LucasT, 2 weeks ago

  Hi I have booked 14 days in Germany starting 12th aug 2024 ending 26th aug. 3 nights frankfurt, 3 nights hamburg, 4 nights berlin , 3nights stuttgrat , 1 night frankfurt airport. I have been looking a...
MDPHP for Chest Pain: Any Experiences?  

By LucasT, 3 weeks ago

  Hey guys, I'm considering ordering MDPHP because I'm experiencing chest pain and think it might help. Has anyone used MDPHP for this purpose before? I'm looking for insights on its effectiveness in ma...




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