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RE: There are some good investment choices  

By hiniwe, 18 hours ago

  This subject of investing for me is a very hard one. There are always a lot of opportunities where to invest money. It's essential to have them, LOL. I have been thinking of investing in the crypto ma...
RE: Myobrace - sizing and use  

By qamar, 6 days ago

  @zaco98 where did you order this myobrace A3 and the T3 one from?
My palate expansion journey  

By gkzzzz, 7 days ago

  Hello everyone. I am starting this topic in order to share as well as document my palate expansion journey. I know that the forum is pretty much dead ,however, i still believe that documenting the ent...
RE: CBD oil and bone growth  

By DadDas, 3 weeks ago

  I haven't personally delved into the specifics of CBD and bone growth, but it's definitely a fascinating area to explore further. It's incredible how nature provides us with compounds that can support...
Orthotropics at Respire Clinic or Homeoblock?  

By esh296, 3 weeks ago

  I am looking to resolve my TMJ & sleep apnea. I've already done a year of myofunctional therapy which has helped my jaw a bit but I still need expansion (31mm molar width, 32F). My options are ort...

By x3, 3 weeks ago

  There might be. Are you trying to point to sleep apnea? What are you on about? (Sorry if this reply is unhelpful; I saw there haven't been any replys yet. So I figured a half-hearted one is better t...




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