Whole Body Breathing

The three seminars below will introduce you to the concepts, philosophy, theory, and most importantly the practice of Whole Body Breathing. Approach these seminars with full skepticism and confirm what works – my intention is for you to begin determining the validity of WBB theory for yourself either within the seminars or within a few days of practice. 

Each seminar is approximately 1 hour followed by 1/2 an hour of QA

The slides may be blurry at points – a PDF of the slide deck is below each video

Seminar 1

Seminar 2

Seminar 3

You’ve now been introduced to a level of body awareness that can increase throughout your life if you put in the time to practice.

Through this awareness of Whole Body Breathing, many issues in the body, mind, and life begin to resolve. Once you are aware of a pattern, it doesn’t repeat as strongly. Eventually, it will dissipate.

At this point you should be able to feel the physical sensation of breathing throughout your body and into your head. Many of you will be feeling the skull bones flexing and adjusting, essentially allowing you self-service what would otherwise be done by a paid practitioner or appliance.

Remain disciplined. Forgive your indiscipline. Keep deepening the practice.

Keep Going!

Find your local Whole Body Breathing Practitioner!

WBB Practitioner Certification

Whole Body Breathing Training

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