Multiple Diaphragm Model

Many studies of anatomy have proposed and worked with the understanding of multiple diaphragms existing and interacting with eachother within the human body, with multiple schools of thought giving importance to the relationship between these diaphragms as being core to the structural needs of the human body. Indeed, many theories have even linked the breathing to more than just the main respiratory diaphragm.
Within the context of Whole Body Breathing, we see the bodies structure as an as-above-so-below tensegrity continuity with at least seven diaphragms.
The Seven Diaphragms are:
  1. The Scalp
  1. The Main Head Diaphragm
  1. The Lower Jaw
  1. Thoracic Inlet
  1. Main Respiratory Diaphragm
  1. Pelvic Diaphragm
  1. Feet
notion image
notion image
notion image
The below 3D model depicts the Whole Body Breathing Multi-Diaphragm Model and Lines of
Hard Outer, Soft Inner
These Diaphragms directly influence the psychosomatic/affective experience. See
notion image

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