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Do you think these MEW POSITIONS are beneficial over time? Share your tips.

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So I have trouble doing proper mewing due to garbage posture, no doubt. Still experimenting with this even YEARS after failing, but still not giving up...


Gotta do whatever it takes to MEW.


So one position is basically lying on the floor and having your legs up, effectively using your legs to "thrust" the back of your skull/occiput in to the ground to force a hard chin tuck, then mewing just naturally ensues.


Another position is sitting against a wall with knees up, and using your arms to push your legs to "counter force" your head in to the wall and force a chin tuck position to mew.


This may sound like newb stuff, but to me -- a forward head failure -- I need all of the "oomph" I can get to help fix this horse face.


I also thought of a strategy -- try heavy chewing before doing this. Heavy chewing will force your masseters to "sore" so you'd be more inclined to mew properly while forcing this position/these positions.


Last I'm going to try is my "classic" grocery bag face pulling method, only combining it with these new postural maladies to see if it works any better. As a final touch some "crazies" or more "willing participants" can try the face hitting/bone smashing stuff to top it off, but it's of course extreme stuff you may not want to....


I'm an artist lol never claimed to be a good one but here are some very quickly drawn visuals just to get the idea across:


** The face pulling "bag method" -- **
** Keengo Chin Tuck method w/force (WIP)-- **

Posted : 14/04/2022 1:45 pm
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You need to build a reverse headgear

Posted : 14/11/2022 8:10 pm
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