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Hello I am A Dentist and I need help

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Hello, My name is alex I am a certified DDS but as you know experience is different than knowledge and I just graduated with no experience in mewing at all, By nature I am impulsive so I started mewing withe xtreme force though i only mouth breathed for 1 year, i wont go in much details why i mouth breathed but I have upper anterior fixed bridge from canine to canine so I used to avoid touching them with my tongue which resulted in me placing my tongue in lower arch behind central incisors which caused narrow arch in only 4 months "I have very high thyroid activity which leads to super fast phsyical changes" which lead me to mouth breath. So my question here after i started mewing my mid face and upper face got so wide and defined but i think i was doing it incorrectly that i recessed my mandible which resulted in chubby lower face when taking selfies my mabdible look so recessed or so small when i protrude it it looks in perfect aligning with my upper fave and cheekbones and maxilla, I really need professional help from an expert mewer how to bring my mandible forward to meet my more defined facial structures and stop looking like no alien because i didnt look like this before mewing. Excuse me for my english its not my first language I tried to explain my situation without many words to try to make it so simple so i won't bother you reading long article. You are welcome to ask for any professional dental advices. ! 

Posted : 04/02/2020 8:32 am
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Since you're a dentist and probably older than 25 I'd suggest you look into growth appliances like for example MSE. These will expand your palate and should bring you closer to your aesthetic goal. Are your teeth well aligned? Do you have an overbite? I'm no expert but perfect body posture will automatically bring your mandible forward. Just try it: elongated neck, shoulders back, chest out, pelvis in neutral position. You should hold your head up with your tongue as if you have a pony tail and someone pulls you up with it. Remember that pressure over time is the key here. Hard mewing is good but the most essential thing is that you keep this pressure all the time and make sure your body posture is perfect. Don't be afraid to touch the insides of your molars with your tongue. If your palate is narrow there is no other way. One of the key things is keeping an oral vacuum. You want to suck your tongue up there and this is connected to the way you swallow. You need to get this right. I also recommend chewing in moderation and especially tongue chewing to get that strength you need to keep your tongue up there all day. I suggest you really read into this and keep lurking on this forums. Watch every single video on the official orthotropics YouTube channel and read the articles on this site. I also recommend Ronald Ead's mewing videos on his channel @ronaldead. Your progress will depend on how dedicated you are. Every person's situation is slightly different so you need to figure out what works best for you.

Posted : 04/02/2020 8:55 am
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Posted by: @engineers

Either you are not a real dentist or you went to a really bad dental school or you never asked these questions to your dental professors. Either way, it is of concern.  It means that patients can not trust dentists to be capable of researching. It is of concern that a dentist would seek advice from strangers and maybe pass it along to patients. 

Dentistry schools do not typically teach about the growth of the jaws or body. There is no specific focus on embryology, and the growth phases focus only on the various dentition stages rather than the growth of the jaws. Enlow's theories of facial growth are the only real comprehensive theories and studies performed to date, but even these aren't taught to dentists. 

They learn about teeth, and to some extent gums. And then there's another specialized profession for gums, another for the airway, another for the general skeletal system... the medical field has become so specialized that every professional has a narrow scope of focus and doesn't understand the bigger picture. To the point where the people studying teeth aren't taught how jaws grow.

This lack of knowledge is typical in the the dental profession and education. It's why the Mews get so much resistance for saying that jaw growth isn't purely based on genetics. User Alexas didn't necessarily go to a bad dental school or not pay attention - they could have topped the class at a leading school and never been taught how jaw growth happens.


Posted : 08/02/2020 7:53 pm
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Posted by: @engineers


Are there any studies which compare one group of people, who have excellent dental habits(hygeine, food, etc)who have taken the advice of every dental specialist and gone along with every treatment recommendation for life WITH another group of people, who have excellent dental habits(hygiene, food,etc.), who never took the advice of dentists and instead thought critically about dental treatment and avoided dentistry entirely, except for real painful emergency visits, for life?   We bet that the group that visited dentists only for emergencies would have more, healthy, functioning teeth and better overall heath at the end of life because they avoided the damage caused by an overly-specialised dental industry that has lost the big interconnected view of dental and general health. 

Or, if the  dental industry has avoided such a comparative study, then perhaps it is a sign that they do not want the truth about dentistry to be revealed. Perhaps dentistry is the biggest cause of tooth loss.  Consider this: the Swiss have realised that metal scalers are abrasive and that they do remove enamel, which increases decay, and that this is a big enough of a problem to invent the EMS air flow-a non abrasive way to clean.  How much decay was caused worldwide by metal scalers over the past 100 years?  A study with microscopes proves that the metal probes that are used to check for decay poke small holes in teeth where decay can start. Amalgams crack teeth, every dentist has a different, subjective opinion, and there are a million unproven dental products, suggesting that there is zero clinical evidence being applied for the benefit of patients. There must be hundreds of examples of dentistry causing tooth loss beyond what would happen if patients never went to dentists. 

The closest analog to such a study would be comparison between populations with access to dental care compared to those who do not have it. The variables we need to control for are the diets and lifestyle of the communities. These comparisons already exist as whitepapers, but not as scientifically valid studies. It's possible that we could do a systematic study combining that data of existing studies. 

It looks like the clinical side of this field is gaining traction, but the academic side is lacking. 

Posted : 10/02/2020 1:33 pm
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Are you keeping the upper and lower teeth lightly together at all times? I find that while mewing, if my teeth are together,  my mandible naturally comes forward. Good luck

Posted : 13/05/2020 1:14 pm
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Are you holding good body posture over the day? My chin is recessed cause my jaw is swung down. When I hold good body posture I litterally feel my neck pushing my jaw upwards. I believe body posture and mewing go hand in hand and body posture is as important as oral posture. Not doing one of them will result in weird changes.

Posted : 14/05/2020 4:19 am
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Some users have already said that the body's position during the day greatly affects your chin and jaw structure. Try to keep your back straight and your chin straight. However, the posture will not change drastically if the case is serious. You need to get braces. I read about a girl, 14 years old, whose lower jaw was strongly pushed forward. She had to wear Damon braces, and rubber bands were used to put pressure on her muscles and change the position of her lower jaw. If I'm not mistaken, it was performed at the clinic . In short, constant pressure on some parts of the body will help to improve things.

Posted : 26/07/2022 1:16 pm
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Have you ever tried holographic breathing? It includes a natural form of mewing which is much more effective. Not only is it natural but there's a breathing motion of the tongue and whole cranium. As it is natural the effects are natural it won't lead to abnormalities in one direction or another it will just balance the whole face and cranium into a natural and correct diameter of movement.

In this video, I teach holographic breathing, natural mewing, and craniofacial breathing. All for free. What more can you ask for?

Also on this link, there are free webinars and over 30 free tutorials working with subtle cranial movement and energy/breath work -

Posted : 03/09/2022 8:49 am
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@admin If you want to see the full horror story of dentistry try reading "toxic dentistry"a friend of mine wrote it and the dental Association were forever trying to remove his licence after  that. They never managed but every time they took him to court he would get more clients coming to see him. Because they can see that anybody who was going against the dental Association had to have people's health in mind.

Posted : 03/09/2022 8:55 am
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Here you go. I made this video just for you.
The Pros & Cons of Craniofacial Breathing and Mewing

Posted : 03/09/2022 2:23 pm
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