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Can braces cause assymetry?

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I always had a slighty overbite because i thumb sucked until 7 (Because i was breastfeed just until 1 yo). Nothing that was bad. I had a very symetrical face and straight teeth. For some fucking reason when i was 15 a friend of my mother, who is a dentist, visit us and said i should wear braces. I didnt questioned at the time because i trusted in “””The experts”””. So i basically used those braces for 4 years, didnt kissed because of that, had bad breath because of it, had yellow teeth because of it, was afraids to smile because of it, my lips was dry all the time because of it, and it hurted a lot. For 4 years i was tortured. And in the end when he said i should wear elastics i procrastinate for 6 months until i gave up and said to him to take that shit off that i wasnt doing that anymore. So when i toke the braces i felt like the overbite actually got bigger and i have a way more ASSYMETRICAL face. My right side looks like shit. Can the braces be the cause of the assymetry? Can the braces actually increase an overbite? What others damages can be caused by using braces without needing to?

Oh, i also developed TMD on the right side this year, and i always had two pointed canines, now i just have on the right side.

imgur. com/a/ZTxqB0U + before and after pictures

Posted : 22/10/2022 3:47 pm
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