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Starecta Appliance reviews? - I know people here must have heard of this

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It's price has dropped down to $200 which is now affordable for me. I'm sorry I'm not giving a full description of it, here's an image:


And it's backed by Plato, who helped get us started on this whole thing. Apparently it corrects the skull alignment and this brings the spine back into a straight position. In this article:

They mention how the ALF is more about face aesthetics while the starecta is about bringing things back into alignment. We know that these all go together. 

Now, in the pictures it shows that with this bite appliance, it forces the head to sit properly on the spine and then everything else straightens out. I've been able to emulate this with my tongue though - I'm essentially pushing my skull into proper position with the tongue all day. Uncomfortable on the back, and I have to do it consciously, but I think I'm achieving the same effect. Benefit of this appliance is that it is unconscious, and you can be sure it's working in sleep.

My largest gripe with this appliance is that they talk of re-aligning everything, but bringing the maxilla up/forwards isn't really in their list of benefits. They do say it will cause expansion, but the testimonials (Even from plato) say nothing of bringing the maxilla up and forward. 

I feel like at this price I may just buy it to wear at night. I'm of the opinion that mewing works (obviously) but maybe just keeping it in at night will help. 

@Progress @TGW and everyone else who has read about this give me your opinions please. Can you guys get these results with just the tongue?

EDIT: Also in the FAQ it says most people develop a space between their teeth with this appliance, between 3mm up to 10mm. This surely means expansion and forward growth occured?

Posted : 20/01/2018 10:29 am
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I'm familiar with this product, but haven't seriously considered using it. My concern is that it seems like a temporary fix which improves alignment while the splint is in place, but might make matters worse when it is removed. It makes me think of the mandibular advancement devices used to treat sleep apnea. They increase tongue space by pushing out the mandible during sleep, but over the long term might make the maxilla more recessed and only exacerbate the problem. Likewise, putting these starecta supports between your molars might improve the alignment of the vertebrae in the short term, but couldn't it cause intrusion of those teeth and make alignment worse without the support in place?

Posted : 20/01/2018 3:42 pm
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This picture is basically the crux of the method. My question is: Can the tongue act as that orange wedge? Or is there something about the teeth contacting eachother that sends a message to the brain to change things?

When I bite, my front teeth (canines, incisors etc) touch first and biting harder puts more pressure there than the back teeth. He says that this is a result of lack of dental height of the back teeth. I'm not sure if it's because of this or because the maxilla is rotated counter clockwise (in relation to this picture) which make my front teeth low and my back teeth high. I definitely have all the symptoms of that rotation, but I'm not sure if the starecta guy is misinterpreting maxilla rotation for lack of dental height and that we are infact both looking at the same issue. But plato should have corrected him if this was the case.

Either way: Can the tongue be the wedge is my biggest question still



Screenshot 2018 01 20 at 4.07.56 PM
Posted : 20/01/2018 4:14 pm
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Clearly we don't want the tongue to actually be between the teeth like the starecta splint, but what I think you're saying, and I agree, is that ideally the support of the posterior tongue pressing up on the palate achieves that vertebral decompression and alignment effect. Retraining posture is more difficult than putting a wedge between your teeth, but, as I said in my previous post, I would be worried that the wedge would cause shifting that would make you more dependent on it to maintain proper posture. I could be totally mistaken, but that would be my concern.

Posted : 20/01/2018 4:31 pm
(@Mit Igrub)
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If there's a deep bite, with the front teeth touching first, in my limited understanding it's likely caused by the tongue often having been between the back teeth - in essence creating a bilateral posterior open bite. Mew has a video on it. I think putting a wedge there would just make the situation worse.

Posted : 21/01/2018 8:49 am
Apollo and Apollo reacted
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I am trying to order the $200 appliance but it immediately ask for payment without asking for shipping address.Can anyone help? No email or customer service site?


Posted : 06/03/2018 6:37 pm
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Did you buy it?

Posted : 10/12/2022 9:50 pm
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