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Confused about the feasibility of pallet expansion (25 year old male)

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I’ve been looking into pallet expansion but have become quite confused about whether or not it’s even possible. I have attached a picture of my teeth from the front. As you can see from the picture, my pallet is narrow and my teeth tip inwards. What I’d like is for my teeth be orientated more straight down to give me a broader smile, which presumably is corrected by increasing pallet width. 

From what I understand of it, tooth borne devices are not very effective after once the pallet has fused, and most people getting results have MSE — something I consider too invasive to alter what is ultimately an undesirable aesthetic quality, and also something I have no hopes of affording. Then again, some people do seem to have had good results with tooth borne expanders.

I’ve seen that you can purchase tooth borne expanders online for relatively little money, but other than opinions on these working at all being deliberated, the idea of attempting it yourself is frowned upon. 

Can anyone steer me in the right direction so far as what my options are? Might one of these tooth borne devices be helpful under instruction by an orthodontist? 

Many thanks! Sorry I don’t have an image of my actual pallet: I tried to take one but just couldn’t get the angle with the camera I have. 

Posted : 20/07/2022 8:57 am
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I’m older than you. My palate is 4mms wider, and my lower jaw has moved forward 4mms. My airway is more than 50% larger. Measurements based on X-ray scans  

I’m using a dna appliance.


I concluded that tooth born expanders are best, because they produce the most natural results, through slow bone remodeling. 

Posted : 28/07/2022 8:58 pm
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Could you guys clarify what you mean by tooth-borne? Does that just mean a device that is attached to the teeth?

Posted : 29/07/2022 11:27 am
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