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Natural mewing video tutorial & Guided Meditations. Please give feedback

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Here is a link to register For the next free webinar about this topic-


And this is a link to a video of the last free webinar about this.
This includes guided meditations to experience what I'm describing.

I don't know much about mewing other than the videos on how to do it.
But I've seen posts on this forum Where people found it to be detrimental In some way or another.
I'm not sure if these are true Experiences and I would quite like some feedback on the effects of mewing.
Also, I would be interested to know if the kind of natural mewing I mention below may make a difference?
Holographic Breathing,  Craniofacial Breathing, and Mewing
Craniofacial breathing is a breathing motion of the face and cranium that comes about in Holographic Breathing.

Holographic Breathing creates a breathing motion that travels through the whole body and is very similar to the motion palpated in craniosacral therapy.
Since 2018 mewing has become a very popular technique practiced by millions.
This technique is for balancing the structures of the face.
In mewing, the whole tongue is pushed up onto the roof of the mouth.
Then this is encouraged to become its resting position.
That has been the resting position of my tongue for the last 20 years since I started doing Holographic Breathing.
I did not press my tongue to the roof of the mouth nor did I have that intention or know anything about mewing.
But with Holographic Breathing, my tongue became very relaxed and just naturally suckled itself to the whole roof of the mouth.
It was by working with the tongue and how it related to the different organs and energies that allowed my tongue to relax in the way that it did.
I can remember the sensation as I cleared the nervous system in my tongue, it just became incredibly soft and spread itself over the whole roof of the mouth and suckled itself up.
There is more depth to it than this in Holographic Breathing as we work with the different areas and energies of the tongue and its connection to the roof of the mouth.
Also, the tongue is not static in this position. The tongue breaths and is part of the whole holographic breathing motion.
The free webinar should be very beneficial in relaxing the tongue and clearing its toxins and stress so that it naturally moves into this position and breathing modality.
Free Webinar
Holographic Breathing, Craniofacial breathing,
 channeling and activating the third eye.
Thursday 28th July 7 pm – 9 pm BST UK time
2 pm - 4 pm EST New York time.
In this webinar, I will be teaching Holographic Breathing.
Then we will be using this to work with the tongue and showing how this starts the craniofacial and holographic breathing motion. 

I will also be showing how the suckling motion of the tongue is naturally activated by holographic breathing.
As well as this we will be activating the third eye and channeling from the higher self.
Video from the last free webinar – holographic breathing and craniofacial breathing 
Here is the video of the last free webinar where I talk about this.
I had heard about mewing quite a lot but never knew what it was and found out earlier that day.
And as it was part of what we were doing in the webinar I included it.
There are two really potent meditations in this video is well worth viewing.
Posted : 20/07/2022 12:50 pm
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