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The Limitations of MSE Expansion: My Problem

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Hello, Percy here.

This post is about a current struggle I am experiencing in my expansionary journey via the MSE, and I was hoping you guys could deliver some input. With my first MSE installed, I managed to expand from an IMW of 33mm to 40mm, and after a period of relapse, I am sitting at around 38mm. The problem is that I still feel that I am narrow, so I discussed with my orthodontist the plausibility of installing a second MSE so that I may garner the full extent of sought expansion. I was told that it would most likely not be feasible, as I am reaching the limit of possible expansion - my mandibular condyles - and that I could not expand to the width that I am looking for. This has brought about a certain frustration, for I was hoping I could solve my lateral impaction fully with this device, especially since I paid so much for it. I'm not exactly sure what I should do next. I know that there are options such as MSDO to widen the mandible, but I'm not sure I could carry forward with that procedure and its monetary costs unless absolutely necessary. I would appreciate any information or help on this matter. Thank you.

Posted : 01/08/2022 2:50 am
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